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Why is an Material Test Report important?

Why Is An Material Test Report important? An MTR is an industry-standard document that asserts all the characteristics

Why Is An Material Test Report important?

An MTR is an industry-standard document that asserts all the characteristics of steel and alloy materials. It confirms the material meets regulatory standards for its many different grades, tolerances, and purposes. So, why is an MTR important? MTRs allow recipients to properly store the material to ensure quality is maintained most appropriately. The MTR also provides traceability that manufacturers, inspectors, distributors, and customers need for reference. This traceability goes back to its raw or recycled source materials. From the forge to the final destination, an MTR is used throughout the supply chain.

A Day In The Life Of An MTR

So, let’s say I work at a mill. My colleagues and I have sweated and bled through the process of creating a beautiful steel plate or pipe for you. It’s been forged, tested, and certified to meet or exceed all regulatory standards, as well as your project or order specifications.

The day it arrives on-site at your facility is joyous and the team comes together in celebration to welcome the inventory’s newest addition. Here’s where the MTR comes in. First, you need to confirm you got what you paid for. The MTR is your certified document that this is the case.

The problem with getting a new plate or pipe to add to your inventory is that it kind of looks like all the other plates and pipes in your inventory. Sure, within a few days of receipt you might be able to point it out and recollect the BOM it belongs to, its specific heat, chemical, and impact properties. However, as weeks and months may go by, its luster may dim, and your reference as to its specific qualities and characteristics alongside it.

Let’s face it, it’s nearly impossible to visually identify the differences in grades of steel for even the most seasoned metal fabrication veterans. The MTR is your certified record of all these details and more. It helps categorize, store, and dispatch materials when you need them. Without it, determining the materials’ exact specifications is exceedingly difficult. Getting the right materials out to customers, even more so. Now, you may be asking yourself, “how does a manufacturer or distributor keep track of all their MTRs?” in short, Encompass built a solution.

The MTR Solution

For many manufacturers and distributors, inventory from mills all over the world can fill warehouses throughout the operation. There it will patiently wait until called upon for any specific order or project. In that time, your MTR library is going to grow into a substantial catalog. Encompass has customers with more than 40,000 MTRs at their facilities. So, how do you keep track of it all?

In short, most people have a very hard time managing and interacting with their MTR catalog. Document management involves a lot of legwork. Whether your shop floor or sales force needs the info, keeping your MTRs in order can be a full-time job. Tracking it down MTRs, confirming the validity, and offering records involve enough back and forth to make your head spin. Keep in mind, that after a transaction has taken place records will be referenced for many years. Fortunately, purpose-built software can manage these records and help route them where and when appropriate. All this can be done within the confines of your well-ordered and secure ERP system. The tool even helps maintain your historical records in case you need to reference them years down the line.

For more information and answers to frequently asked questions on the subject of Material Test Reports, visit our MTR FAQ.

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