When Doing Nothing Costs More Than The Alternative: An ERP Solution

There are a host of reasons why businesses ask the question: Do We Really Need an ERP solution?

There are a host of reasons why businesses ask the question: Do We Really Need an ERP solution? You may be asking yourself the very same regarding your business’ current state. For many growing enterprises, ERP is a “four-letter word”. However, operating within cobbled systems that demand attention with every little update or modification is like putting a Band-Aid on a bullet wound. This approach bleeds businesses dry. Addressing the shortcomings of siloed systems and preparing for growth before you’re inundated with orders, data, and paperwork by implementing an effective ERP solution will make all the difference.

Whether your apprehensions in addressing the problem stem from the associated costs, unfamiliar tech, modern information systems, employee push-back, or just the notion that you aren’t big enough to need a comprehensive solution yet, the cost of inaction could put you out of business sooner than you think. Saving that revenue from being lost by implementing a solution will capture resources and data more effectively while putting both to work toward your business’ future.

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The Best Investments You Can Make Are In Yourself And Your Business.

Time To Make A Decision

Most small businesses maintain a mindset of my system has worked for me so far, why should I change now? While it’s true this approach will work for a time, eventually, home-made solutions will be outgrown and cause more problems than they are worth. This is where the decision to implement something more robust needs to be addressed.

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The Long Wait To Implement An ERP System Is Likely Costing You More Thank You Know.

Sometimes the hardest decision and the right decision are one and the same. Just because you’ve been able to get by without a platform built specifically for businesses, doesn’t mean the decision to avoid implementing one altogether is the right one. Being lulled into the sense that because it has worked in the past and will continue to work for you into the future is nothing if not careless.

ERP As A Cost-Saving Initiative

Most who have heard of ERP software focus first and foremost on the price tag. While it’s true that these solutions are a big undertaking in terms of time and resources, they pay for themselves many times over in those resources that they save businesses day after day.

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The Costs Associated With Maintaining Dated And Siloed Systems Are Too Large To Ignore.

For instance, take KPIs that you are likely already looking at, such as order fulfillment, customer satisfaction, inventory accuracy, financial reporting, and outstanding sales. In every one of these instances, businesses utilizing an up-to-date ERP system outperform those that do not, as well as those who are using outdated ERP systems to run their operations.

Technical Advantages

Consider paper systems, like the Rolodex and filing cabinet, that have all but completely fallen out of use. These antiquated systems present the opportunity to lose, misplace, or sink time into locating valuable information. By Incorporating the digital organization principles of an ERP system, your business can function more effectively on the front-end, where sales and customer interaction reside, instead of the backend dealing with filing, forms, and paperwork.  ERP systems free up your labor pool to focus on growing your business by automating many financial and data-centric processes that can grind operations to a standstill when tackled manually.

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Adapting To Incorporate Technology Can Make Or Break The Future Of Your Business In A Competitive Marketplace

Competitive Advantages

Mobile devices, touch-interfaces, and other modern innovations have catapulted the capabilities of modern businesses. ERP software keeps remote and in-house workforces connected, as well. Add to that embedded business analytics, eCommerce support, and social business capability, and your business is primed for a competitive advantage stemming directly from its technological one.


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you’ll Find Yourself And Your business In A Favorable Position Thanks To The Advantages Of An ERP Solution.


In short, the advantages ERP solutions present can’t be ignored. ERPs help businesses build on their current success or counter shortcomings, thanks to:

  • Continuous efficiency
  • Enhanced Business Agility
  • Powerful Real-Time Insight
  • Superior Operational Control
  • Enhanced Customer Service

ERP Selection: Measure Twice, Cut Once

There are many factors for any business to consider when selecting an ERP solution. Some ERP solutions are designed for applications in food and beverage manufacturing, while others specialize in aerospace. Identifying your business’ needs and selecting an appropriate ERP solution will position you for a bright future. Partnering with a proven consultant will make the transition to and implementation of these new systems seamless and allow your workforce to hit the ground running when you’re ready to go live with your new set of tools.

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