This winter has delivered much snow to practically every state including recent snowfall in North Carolina where our headquarters are located. I love the way the snow looks when it has first fallen covering streets, cars, yards and buildings with a sparkling white blanket, covering up all imperfections making practically any landscape a picturesque winter scene. As we all know eventually the blanket melts and returns us to the reality of our environment. In business the beautiful snow blanket takes the form of apathy, resistance to change, misunderstanding or even a simple lack of expertise or knowledge. This blanket is a natural occurrence for most businesses and is even to be expected, but every once in a while you need to break out the shovel and dig down to the real issues and fix them before they become worse. As experts in ERP consulting and support we offer assessments and solutions for your ERP. Our assessment findings can get under that pretty blanket that has covered up problems and inefficiencies and bring them to light so they may be uncovered and a strategy put in place to solve them.

Assessments are essential not only to guide the development of individual ERP strategies but also to monitor and continuously improve the quality of your ERP, inform leadership and staff, and provide evidence of accountability to those invested in an ERP such as Epicor. As Epicor ERP consultants we do assessments on many types of businesses for many markets. The assessments may be done across an entire company, business unit, or even to address a specific departmental or functional focus. Many times assessments may be requested or suggested due to an impression that new functionality or upgrades need to be evaluated, that business needs have changed, there has been staff turnover, or even considerations of advances in technology. Recommendations and preliminary plans will be provided.

An ERP assessment considers the software configuration and setup, the business processes in place as well as areas of opportunity with modules, features and functionality that may not currently be in use. Analysis may identify betters to leverage existing and unused functionality as well as streamlining or revisiting business processes that may not be fully effective. In addition, as assessment will evaluate the benefits of an upgrade to current releases, or implementation of new functionality where appropriate.

Each assessment will be customized to meet your specific business objectives but typical Encompass Solutions ERP assessments include the following:

2-3 day onsite survey review of business and requirements (necessary for context) and includes:

  • Current System Configuration
  • Business process and transaction review
  • Company objectives and direction

Interviews with functional team leads and relevant management

Analysis of implementation progress (complete and remaining efforts)

Open issue review

Deliverables will include results and our recommendations:

Documented strengths / weaknesses of current system

Feature / function training opportunities

Business processes requiring review and potential revision

System configuration suggestions

Additional functionality / modules / features to increase ROI

Upgrade process and benefits

Presentation back to client team summarizing finings with opportunity for draft review and discussion

Final assessment presentation including estimated costs where applicable

Contact us to get assessed and start uncovering the path to improvement.

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