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Webinar: Streamlined Sales Tax (SST) Agreement

24 states can take the burden of managing sales tax off remote sellers’ shoulders through Streamlined Sales Tax

24 states can take the burden of managing sales tax off remote sellers’ shoulders through Streamlined Sales Tax (SST).

an image of the Tax compliance is a challenging undertaking for a business of any size. Regulations are changing constantly at local, state, and federal levels. Not to mention, business relationships with suppliers and customers are growing and expanding, too. All of this ties in to how tax liability is organized, calculated, and addressed. Now, what would you say to an offer that included all of these services and more, for free? Kind of a no brainer, right? Well, if your company resides in one of the 24 qualifying states, you can take advantage of this special program, free of charge. Take advantage of: • Free state registrations • Free tax calculations • Free tax returns preparation, filing and remittance • Audit assistance. Here’s how you can apply at no cost to your business. The Streamlined Sales Tax (SST) Agreement enables participating states to simplify and modernize sales tax administration, in order to substantially reduce the tax compliance burden. As one of only a few certified SST service providers, our partners at Avalara perform the above tasks. In this case, the states pay Avalara for the services, while qualifying businesses get them for free. You can start the qualification process by visiting the following link: Get free tax services in 24 states. About Streamlined Sales Tax (SST) member states

How to Take Advantage of SST

SST has never been more important for remote sellers than it is today. With the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc. which gave states more authority to impose sales tax obligations on remote sellers, you may be wondering how you’ll comply with the new laws.

What You’ll Learn About SST

Let our partner at Avalara help. In this presentation, you’ll learn how to:

  • Decrease the cost of sales tax calculation, returns, and filing
  • Reduce audit risk
  • Determine if your business qualifies for SST cost savings

You can’t afford to miss this! Join us for Streamlined Sales Tax (SST): Discover How to Get Free Tax Services in 24 States.

Date: Tuesday October 29th, at 1:00 p.m. Eastern

Duration: 30 Minutes

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