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Using the Epicor Data Management Tool (DMT) Via Command Line

The Epicor Data Management Tool (DMT) is an application that many Epicor ERP clients use to import information

The Epicor Data Management Tool (DMT) is an application that many Epicor ERP clients use to import information into their Epicor systems and to make mass updates. Many clients already know how to use the tool through the standard UI interface. The command line interface allows for interacting with the DMT without the need for user intervention.

The Benefit of Accessing Epicor Data Management Tool via Command Line

By allowing us to interface directly with DMT, this allows for us developers/consultants to quickly import information into Epicor. Such information that can be imported for both new and updating include:

  • Parts
  • Material Issue
  • Return Material
  • Quantity Adjustments
  • Jobs
  • Job Receipt to Inventory
  • Many More

Under normal circumstances, we would need to utilize the standard Business Objects or APIs to make these transactions and updates within the system. This can add a lot of overhead when performing a large number of transactions at a time. Pushing these through the DMT usually allows for us to process a greater number of transactions more quickly, with only the need to write the CSV file and kick off the application.

Getting started with Epicor Data Management Tool (DMT) via Command Line

Epicor provides a good amount of information regarding the DMT and the command line interface. Here is some documentation on it, so long as you have an EpicWeb account. you can find those resources, here.

The above resource provides all of the options that can be used with the DMT.exe and some basic examples. Beyond that, I would recommend anybody who would want to use this to use the DMT to create the templates for what they would want to import. By default, it automatically selects the required fields, so it’s just a matter of adding in the fields that need to be updated/inserted.

Kicking off the DMT via a BPM is how I had originally done this for an Encompass client in Life Sciences manufacturing and I imagine that this would probably be the most universal way for it to be used. With that said, using the DMT in this way is not viable for Cloud clients as the DMT isn’t available for execution from the server side of things.

Cloud clients can still utilize the DMT, even with the command line, but it would need to be through a different methodology, such as a script file or through a local application that has access to the DMT install.

For more information on utilizing Epicor Data Management Tool via Command Line, reach out to Encompass using the link below.

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