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The financial challenges that businesses face can be difficult to overcome without the right person at the helm.

The financial challenges that businesses face can be difficult to overcome without the right person at the helm. A fractional CFO or similarly-qualified financial consultant may deliver the results and value to help your organization succeed. Maybe a full-time financial leader does not make sense for your business or you need support while searching for the right individual. In any case, a fractional CFO or similarly qualified financial consultant may deliver the results and value required to help your organization succeed in a fiscally-healthy, responsible, and sustainable way.

What a Fractional CFO Does for Your Business

While a highly organized person may be able to step into an operational leadership position or a persistent and detail-oriented person can excel in marketing and sales, financial leadership is a unique skill set.

Optimizing cash flow, maximizing growth and profitability, and ensuring the financial stability of an organization are just some of the essential services a fractional CFO can provide. However, a full-time CFO can be tough to justify in terms of cost or it may be difficult to find the right individual to not only make the best financial decisions for your company but also has deep knowledge of and experience in your particular industry.

Whatever the reason a full-time CFO may not make sense for you at this point, Encompass has consultants to provide the experience and expertise you need at a fraction of the cost of an in-house CFO.

Specialty Financial Consulting Services

As a provider of financial leadership consulting, Encompass consultants can strategic expertise to help you better understand and outline your financial goals, ensure your business stays on course to achieve those goals, and excel in a competitive industry.

Partnering with Encompass ensures your business will have a qualified representative leading your financial department to satisfy the most essential functions of a financial department. These services include but are not limited to:

  • Financial Strategy, Planning, and Management
  • Financial Analysis, Planning, and Forecasting
  • Financial Regulation and Compliance
  • Accounting, General Ledger, Administration, and Operations
  • Financial Management > Financial Relations and Policies
  • Cash Management – Cash Flow Analysis/Financial Position Analysis
  • Automation and Process Improvement
  • Financial Technology and Solution Evaluation
  • Financial Strategy Alignment in preparation for, as part of, or following ERP implementation
  • Report Development beyond the initial Balance Sheet and Income Statement created in XLConnect
  • Booking Journal Entries as needed to record Reconciliation differences or reclassifications
  • Financial Statement preparation and review
  • Discussions regarding General Accepted Accounting Principals (GAAP)
  • Month and Year End processes
  • Clean up old and new accounting issues
  • Account reconciliations and analysis

A modern business requires modern tools to maintain a competitive edge. An ERP solution or other business management system will empower your business to address the needs of financial strategy and stability. Our financial professionals work within these systems daily to ensure our client’s financial goals are aligned with their internal processes, and regulations, satisfy the financial compliance requirements of all jurisdictions in which they conduct business, and are liable for financial reporting and payments to which they are subject.

Partner with an Encompass Fractional CFO or Financial Consultant

If you are ready to have a conversation about the financial leadership needs of your business, we’re standing by to help.

Contact us today to learn how Encompass can help position your financial activities and policies on the path to success.

You can download the financial services summary in a sharable format (PDF) below.

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