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This year’s Insights 2021 conference revealed a lot about the nature of manufacturing in the current climate of

This year’s Insights 2021 conference revealed a lot about the nature of manufacturing in the current climate of remote work requirements, security vulnerabilities, and abundant disruption. Now, more than ever before, the benefits of cloud ERP for manufacturing alleviate the effects of the unexpected change to help businesses recover, excel, and grow.

According to a 2021 Epicor Industry Insights Report, which polled1,628 respondents worldwide in the Distribution, Retail, and Manufacturing industries, 82% of respondents agreed that the pandemic motivated their business to migrate IT solutions to the cloud and 85% agree that Cloud is helping them deal with the impact of COVID-19.

Why Manufacturers Choose Epicor Kinetic in Cloud

The more than 1600 respondents in Epicor’s report provided their reasons for making the switch from on-premise ERP deployment to Cloud ERP. Among the most frequent answers were:

  1. Improve cybersecurity
  2. Grow through technology
  3. Get and remain current with releases
  4. Avoiding hardware costs and risks
  5. Achieving business continuity
  6. Limited IT resources
  7. Part of Leadership Strategy
  8. Facilitating expansion goals through scalability
  9. Remote Work requirements
  10. Compete more effectively

Business Value of Cloud ERP for Manufacturing

Staying current with the pace of innovation is a core tenant of Epicor Kinetic in Cloud. Each Kinetic release allows manufacturers to leverage the latest elements of Kinetic towards their business goals.

Cybersecurity is a topic on every business leader’s mind these days. Businesses can pour resources into IT, but these individuals are then spread ever thinner when it comes to driving high-value business initiatives. Kinetic in Cloud comes with world-class security tackled from both ends by Epicor and Microsoft Azure, where cloud deployments are hosted.

By simplifying their technology stack, businesses also reap the benefit of better cost outcomes, more predictable spending, and quicker time-to-value. Not only this, but these businesses reduce their environmental impact, advance their mobile capability, and encourage a collaborative, global workforce.

In summary:

  • Advancing your industry through digital innovation will position your business as a thought leader.
  • Competitors will take note of the business’ intelligent technology spending habits.
  • Customers will appreciate your dedication to service and the security of their data.
  • Employees will be confident they are supported by an organization that sees value in implementing the leading industry technology, which equips staff with valuable skills.

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