Proton therapy is a highly advanced, painless, and precise form of external beam radiation that has been used to treat 100,000 cancer patients worldwide. An exceptional option for childhood cancers, it has also become ideal for treating solid tumors of the prostate, brain, eye, head, and neck, inoperable small cell lung cancer, as well as liver and certain types of breast and gastrointestinal cancers.

Optivus Proton Therapy, Inc. (Optivus) was launched in 1993 by the center’s original engineering team led by Jon W. Slater and entrusted with the entire facility’s technical enhancements and ongoing maintenance. Founded on the principles of continuous excellence, Optivus has developed and implemented hundreds of design and new technology improvements over the past two decades according to the facility’s precise clinical specifications.

Success Highlights


  • In addition to manufacturing, Optivus is a project-driven organization, with significant requirements for tracking hundreds of thousands of labor charges and managing a bill of materials with thousands of parts


  • Epicor® ERP


  • Better understand job costs through the generation of detailed records integrating manufacturing and engineering with payroll and accounting
  • Identify the exact location and status of parts stored across four separate warehouses
  • Create purchase orders with detailed line items attributed directly to project steps
  • Readily reconcile accounting differences between purchasing, receiving, and billing



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