KBMax Visual CPQ is redefining ecommerce for highly configurable products. The platform can easily handle complex business rules with a no-code engine called Snap that’s easy to learn and maintain. It also offers visualization, real-time pricing, CAD automation and website embedding. This end-to-end solution can result in an awesome buying experience, a faster sales cycle, and a more efficient manufacturing process.

KBMax Visual CPQ Benefits for Manufacturers

Providing customer and prospects with a real-time product configuration tool improves the buyer experience and drives business performance in a number of ways, including:

  • 105% Increase in deal size
  • 40% Increase in conversion rate
  • 38% Faster sales cycle
  • 168% Increase in annual sales
  • 35% Increase in production

KBMax Visual CPQ Efficiency

KBMax helps you shorten the sales cycle and eliminate manufacturing bottlenecks and errors by:

  • Making it easy to visually and digitally sell configurable products with an intuitive configurator
  • Handling the most complex business rules with a no-code engine
  • Accuracy and efficiency during the sales and manufacturing process through workflows, CAD and document automation
  • Enabling new sales channels: Sales reps, distributors, partners and direct customers digitally

KBMax Visual CPQ Functionality

The Epicor + KBMax End-to-End Solution:

  • Digital Selling: KBMax enables companies to create an information-rich and immersive buying experience for highly configurable products. The more complex, the better
  • Advanced CPQ: KBMax takes it another step with visualization, complex configuration, dynamic pricing, manufacturing automation, and omnichannel selling
  • eCommerce: Epicor’s eCommerce solution enables the customer to complete the purchase
  • Connectivity: Epicor ERP enables vital connectivity points across inventory, costs, pricing, and customer data


About Encompass Solutions

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