Designed and fully integrated into Epicor ERP, the Epicor Mobile Warehouse is the next generation of handheld applications for the warehouse environment. A modern and intuitive application, Epicor mobile warehouse provides complex sort and filter options for users that include both part level and bin level validation. Scan validation is a configurable feature as well. Shortcuts to favorites and the frequently visited, as well as automated workflows triggered by scan events, improve the user experience.

an image of Epicor Mobile Warehouse handheld devices

Epicor Mobile Warehouse optimizes workflow for fast and accurate scanning, improves time to process transactions, increases accuracy, and reduces errors. It is compatible with the latest scanning devices running on Android® 5 or higher from Honeywell® and Zebra®. Simply download the application from the Google Play™ store into your device and start using it with minimal setup.

Epicor Mobile Warehouse Features

Receiving – Provides complete functionality to process an inbound container or purchase order, as well as intercompany and transfer order receipts. It provides users with effective and efficient serial and lot processing and multiple UOM scanning. Users can search for all open POs for a part by scanning parts’ barcodes.

Material management – Provides core warehousing functions allowing users to initiate adjustments and movements from the warehouse floor. Offers an increased efficiency with cycle counts and stock takes. Enables efficient entry with automated workflows triggered by scan events.

Material queue – Users can efficiently pick items assigned to their queue, grab items from the available queue, or return items to the queue. Users can select an outbound order and select all material queue transactions related to the order, to the users’ queue. Advanced sort and filter functionality allows users to save to a named query and dynamically add it to the sub-menu. Unpicking sales or transfer orders functionality is also included.

Shipping – Scan pick validation option included. Process outbound shipments direct from the device. Functions include creating Master Packs and standard Pick Lists for customers not licensed for Advanced Material Management (AMM).

Trackers – Trackers help shop/warehouse users in completing their daily routines. Powered by BISCIT Since its establishment in 2002, BISCIT has formed a strong relationship with Epicor and as a certified Partner is a proud expert in delivering successful Epicor ERP projects Australia-wide and overseas. BISCIT specializes in Epicor ERP services to deliver flexible, comprehensive, and value-driven business solutions.

Configurable MTR Software

Add Encompass’ MTR software to the equation and leverage a potent tool made for metal fabricators and distributors with an extensive library of Mill Test Reports and Certifications to manage. We make it easy for your teams to deliver the customer satisfaction and supplier relationships you need to thrive as a business.

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