Customer(s) may have experienced that when been working in the Embedded Education in the middle of the training they receive the error message: “Unable to Load Online Education Courses. Access to online education requires an active Epicor ERP session. Please launch education courses from within the application.”

The following steps are the workaround solution with Internet Explorer as Epicor ERP version 10 was developed with it.

If you are using Microsoft Edge as your Internet browser, please check on the section “Related Links” for the related KB article.

Related Links

KB0103351 – Embedded Education – Unable to Load Online Education Courses – Workaround solution when using Microsoft Edge

– Troubleshooting Steps on Microsoft Internet Explorer –

The following steps are the workaround solution when you’re using Microsoft Internet Explorer as your Internet browser.

Step Action
1 Close ERP Education instance. Go to step 2.
2 Open Microsoft Internet Explorer. Go to step 3.
3 Select the Tools menu and then click on Internet Options. Go to step 4.
4 In the window Internet Options look for the button named Settings below the section Browsing History and click on it.
Go to step 5.
5 In the window Website Data Settings, click on the radio button “Every time I visit the webpage” and click on “OK”.

website data settings for microsoft edge or internet explorer browsers

Go to step 6.

6 Back in the window Internet Options look for the button named Delete… below the section Browsing History and click on it.
Go to step 7.
7 Clear browsing history and cookies and other temporary Internet files:
From the list of possible kind of data to delete, at least select and delete the first 3 categories (checkmark them and then press the Delete button): Temporary Internet files and website files, Cookies and website data, and History. Check the image.clear browsing history on microsoft edge or internet explorer browsersGo to step 8.
8 Once Internet clears the data, you can close the browser and open Epicor ERP to verify the Embedded course.
Action steps complete

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