When it comes to factory operations, being reactive only addresses issues after they’ve become problems. If you want to stop issues dead in their tracks before they have an opportunity to snowball into problems, being proactive is the only way to go. Leveraging cutting-edge ERP solutions can give you the insight you need to see hiccups long before they interfere with operations. ERP solutions excel at feeding your trained eyes the data they need to identify anomalies on the fly. Streamline operations and refine your processes with a predictive approach that reduces downtime and boosts your bottom line. Control downtime events, get real-time condition monitoring, and more when leveraging the modern tools available to manufacturers.

Getting Control of Downtime Events

If you’re not leveraging the latest in predictive maintenance practices, you are already behind the pack. Factory floors have flourished with better visibility into how machines perform and more control over downtime events. The latter is an especially significant component of predictive maintenance. Even in the best scenario, poor maintenance practices cost manufacturers significantly in terms of energy, revenue, and component costs. We can’t forget to factor in customer satisfaction, which takes a hit when orders are not delivered on time.

By adopting a whether-or-not approach to maintenance, one that uses time and/or operation count to indicate when maintenance is completed, manufacturing ensures that downtime is determined as they say it is.

Condition Monitoring with ERP

Condition monitoring is an approach to equipment upkeep that is simplified by modern technology and maintenance practices. These practices can be carried out periodically, during scheduled downtime events, or continuously, while machines remain in operation. The efforts are effective in combatting sudden downtime events and equipment failures, which can potentially cost manufacturers millions. Not to mention the resulting reduced confidence consumers have in the ability to keep up with demand.

ERP solutions are one tool you can use to capitalize on condition monitoring and control your maintenance cycles. This will bring downtime events to a minimum and maintain your position as a dependable manufacturer. Customizations and integrations like Epicor ERP’s Mattec MES offer real-time insights into machine performance along with a host of other beneficial tools that include, but are not limited to:

  • Real-Time Production Visibility
  • Increased Schedule Adherence
  • Improved Process Efficiency And Quality
  • Labor And Material Forecasting
  • Increased Production Capacity

Increased Safety And Productivity

Everything from vibration, voltage, temperature and other performance indicators feed into sensing tools attached to machines. By utilizing this modern sensing technology in ERP environments, manufacturers can predict maintenance events, rather than react to them. This much you know by now. However, have you thought of the human component and how these practices benefit your workforce day-to-day? These innovative tools have proven their efficacy in reducing the instances of incidents, accidents, and breakdowns significantly, which saves far more money than it costs.

Beyond that, your systems can even be configured to evaluate your materials on hand and make the necessary arrangements to ensure you are not caught between a rock and a hard place.

These intelligent and connected devices assist in setting data points that indicate when a part is reaching end-of-life.  Automated systems can be directed to order replacement parts if none are on-site and schedule the replacement or repair in such a way that minimizes production downtime.

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