Today, remaining agile and providing online access to your services and products is essential. Epicor Commerce Connect (ECC) Express is the ready-to-deploy eCommerce solution for small and medium-sized manufacturing and distribution businesses in the B2B space. With ECC Express, you can:

  • Stay connected to valued customers and suppliers
  • Deliver quality online experiences
  • Keep employees engaged and productive
  • Stay agile – start small, start quickly, and be ready to scale

Minimum ERP Versions:  Prophet 21 2019.1, Eclipse 9.07, Epicor ERP 10.2.200, BisTrack (UK) 3.9 SP36

Middleware pre-requisites:  Prophet 21 and Eclipse: SOA API Servers;  BisTrack (UK):  Web track Web Services

What Is ECC Express?

Epicor ECC Express is an affordable, ready-to-deploy eCommerce solution built to be available in as few as 3-5 days.

  • The site is a no-frills storefront designed around a fixed Epicor theme, though it is designed to give essential eCommerce functions and self-service portal tools.
  • The offering comes with a live environment only, users will either need to upgrade or “get current” to enable the testing environment.
  • Users can upgrade any time to ECC Standard or ECC Advanced at any time
  • If not upgraded after 12 months, a one-time “get current” fee of $1,000 will apply. Get Current Fee is applicable if the customer has not transitioned to other ECC tiers/offerings (ECC Base, ECC Standard, ECC Advanced) after 12 months of use. This fee is used to offset the costs of the additional test environment and testing that is needed when new ECC versions are implemented.

Epicor ECC Express Benefits

What Functionality Does ECC Express Provide?

Customer self-service portals – customers can log into the website to view accounts, orders, invoices, shipments, payments, and quotations within the site itself.

Customers can create an order through the ECC Express site as well, ensuring all necessary communications are routed through the provider’s Epicor system efficiently and securely.

Account management functionality is included, as well. This allows account admins to create users, assign permissions, and retire users responsible for viewing catalog items, ERP orders, invoices, shipments, and payments.

Sales Rep Roles – Sales representatives using E10, Eclipse, and P21 can leverage Epicor ECC Express functionality to manage accounts, create quotes and submit orders for customers anywhere, even if remote access to their ERP system is not available.

Supplier connect (E10 only) – Suppliers may also connect to the system for RFQs, purchase orders, and PO change requests.

Elastic Search – users visiting the ECC Express site can use search functionality exactly as they would in the ECC standard and Advanced products to find products to create quotations, reference orders, submit RFQs, and more.

Epicor ECC Express, ECC Standard, ECC Advanced Functionality Grid

Who Should Use ECC Express?

Epicor ECC Express is geared toward B2B markets. It has features and functionality designed around new and existing relationships between businesses, their business partners, and their suppliers. Shopping cart functionality is not a part of the ECC Express offering.

Businesses with hundreds or a few thousand products are best suited for ECC Express. For businesses with 10’s thousands of products, ECC standards or Advanced options are better products to fit their needs.

What Are My ECC Express Deployment Options?

Currently, Epicor ECC Express is available only through Cloud (SaaS) deployment options.

What Platform Powers ECC Express?

Epicor ECC Express, Standard, and Advanced products are powered by Magento, the leading commerce platform. Magento is the provider of the world-leading eCommerce platform on which ECC is built.  We chose to collaborate with Magento because of their proven expertise, market presence, and flexibility in B2C and B2B.  A little on their pedigree – Magento has a huge global infrastructure, with the largest ecosystem of commerce technology and system integrator partners.  To make sure you can build out the website that best expresses your brand and your customers’ needs, Magento offers several add-on modules, themes, integrations, and skills. Scaleability is a critical factor as well – small-size “mom and pop” organizations use Magento through top multinationals.

epicor ecc expresss magento ecosystem

Key Details of the Magento platform include:

  • Founded in 2007
  • #1 platform in both B2C and B2B
  • 26% global market share(1)
  • The largest ecosystem of commerce technology & system integrator partners
  • Availability of more than 205,000 experienced developers
  • Mid-sized merchants through $1B+ global conglomerates use Magento
  • Feature-rich, scalable enterprise platform enabled by modern technology

Sources: Global commerce market share, Hivemind, April 2015

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