Since 1962, Madsen’s has been engineering and producing some of the most noteworthy and innovative millwork products in Canada. The company prides itself in its veneering capabilities—searching the world for the finest veneers and lumbers to ensure its clients receive the best possible quality.

The company’s prior enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions consisted of various, disconnected systems and lacked real inventory metrics. “Before we switched to Epicor, we struggled with functionality between multiple platforms and experienced material losses, labor losses—different things like that impacted the business,” recalled Craig Leach, sales manager, Madsen’s Custom Cabinets.

Success Highlights


  • Find an ERP system capable of integrating disparate business departments


  • Epicor® ERP


  • Saved CAD 200,000 per year in throwaway material, over-ordering, underordering, and incorrectly issuing materials
  • Reduced the time it takes for information to pass from shop floor to office
  • Provided real-time business metrics to anyone with access to the Epicor ERP system



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