Big Ass Solutions Upgrade Background

Big Ass Solutions were previously running the legacy Vantage system, but it was showing its age. Encompass Solutions, partnering with Bezlio, worked closely with the BAS team to bring all the valuable custom solutions BAS had invested in over the years to streamline their system, up to date to run on Epicor ERP 10. Leveraging the technology improvements in Epicor ERP 10, BAS was able to bring MRP runs down from almost a business day, to a couple of hours on ERP 10, making the effort put in to bring the customizations onto a single technology stack well worth the effort. Encompass Solutions was proud to be part of the recent Epicor 10 upgrade for Big Ass Solutions.

and image of the big ass solutions warehouse

Big Ass Solutions Epicor ERP 10 Upgrade Results

One example of the streamlining done at BAS includes optimizations to the process of issuing lot and serial tracked parts to jobs. Using one simplified screen, a user at BAS can simply scan the job number, which will then bring up a list of parts needed on the job. Then simply by scanning part numbers and lot number or serial numbers, entries are verified and collected on a grid for review. When the user is done entering items, the issuing of parts is performed automatically in the background allowing the user to move onto their next task without delay. The custom solution also automatically printed labels as needed based on the current operation, freeing up the user to focus on getting their work done, rather than clicking through multiple screens in the system.

Any world class ERP needs fine tuning and that’s what ESI are here for!

Big Ass Solutions’ Epicor Case Study

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