Alerts & Notifications automates shop floor communications with automatic messaging and escalation, so supervisors, managers, maintenance crews, and engineers can respond to conditions in the plant immediately. When process conditions need attention, when production stops, or when operators need help, Epicor Advanced MES Alerts and Notifications instantly notify the right people. Functionality dispatches a signal or message that can be seen by just one, a few, or all people that need to be involved.

Automatic Communication Routing

Text messages, loudspeaker announcements, e-mail, flashing lights, and audible sounds are just a few of the ways you can alert people throughout the facility that something or someone needs help. Help call buttons, production status, and process exceptions can all trigger the automatic messaging system, based on rules you specify within the Epicor Advanced MES system. When someone responds to an alert, there’s a quick and easy way for them to log their arrival and actions, so there’s no paperwork to shuffle.

Your Epicor Advanced MES system can route and escalate each alert and notification based on what’s happening at any given moment. Does the operator need more material or is there an unexpected breakdown? The request for help screen can include choices for maintenance, material, and moving finished product. You can even provide levels of urgency, based on operator selection or pre-defined rules. Each time an operator or technician issues a call for help, you can relax with the knowledge that Epicor Advanced MES will carry out the communication and escalation process you prescribed.

Types of MES Alerts and Notifications

  • Help Calls
  • Down Events
  • Parameters Out-Of-Specification (OOS)
  • Machine Communication Failures
  • Job Active
  • Idle
  • Startup
  • End of Job Warning
  • In Production

MES Alerts and Notifications Benefits 

  • Accelerate issue response
  • Minimize downtime with faster response
  • Capture accurate data for process planning
  • Feed operations improvements with accurate time logs and reasons
  • Identify problems early and fix them before they become critical issues
  • Empower your employees

Escalate Communications

Priorities can shift, and people may not be able to respond immediately to an alert. Epicor Advanced MES keeps tabs on all active alerts, and automatically escalates messaging according to the plan you configure. You can even start with a text message or e-mail and reinforce with a shop floor audible a few minutes later. Alerts don’t stop until your Epicor Advanced MES system has exhausted all messaging rules, or someone logs a response to the call, status, or condition. If you configure the system to alert indefinitely until it receives a response entry, then Alerts & Notifications becomes a catalyst for timely response to issues.

Turn Everyday Headaches Into Improvement Opportunities

All the data from help calls, issue alerts, and responses go directly into the Epicor Advanced MES database with time and date stamps, type of alert, reasons, process values, and more. When it’s time to do some process planning or serious analysis, you have all the information you need to determine what’s working and what’s not. You’ll be able to spot and explore trends, make best practices repeatable, and define new operational strategies.

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