Our recent Accutrex Upgrade project was a smashing success that enabled our customer to jump four versions of Epicor ERP to the most modern solution for discrete manufacturing operations held to ITAR standards, Epicor ERP 10.1. Read on to learn about the Accutrex upgrade process and get in touch with Encompass to discuss your own Epicor ERP upgrade project.

an image of the accutrex upgrade vantage 8 epicor erp 10.1 encompass solutions

Accutrex, an award-winning supplier who offers superior quality products coupled with uncompromising attention to detail to the Aerospace, Military and Defense industries, recently upgraded from Vantage 8 to Epicor 10.1, with the help and expertise of Encompass Solutions.

Accutrex has established themselves as a leading source nationally and internationally for custom shims, gaskets, special OD/ID washers, metal stamping, sheet metal fabrications, kits and assemblies to the Aerospace and Military and Defense industries. As an ISO 9001:2008 and ITAR registered company, they are equipped to handle all facets of manufacturing from prototype to production in all types of industries.

Accutrex Upgrade To Epicor ERP 10.1

Encompass, in partnership with Bezlio, worked to preserve all the historical data available in Vantage 8, and uplift all custom solutions to Epicor 10.1 so that Accutrex could continue leveraging the investment made in their system to support their unique industry needs, and also retain critical data that allows them to look back and make forward-looking decisions based on that historical data.  In addition, Accutrex can now take advantage of all the new functionality available in Epicor ERP 10.1, and can leverage being on the most current version of the system to take on exciting new features as they are made available.

“An upgrade like this requires a lot of attention to detail, and making sure that the existing functionality was uplifted correctly to preserve key business functions, while still taking advantage of all of the new features of Epicor ERP 10.1 such that everything comes together to work flawlessly” said Rob Cummings, Project Manager and Solution Architect with Encompass Solutions.

Encompass is a certified Epicor Partner, providing ERP Consulting and industry-leading development of mission-critical enterprise solutions for over 15 years. The company’s focus is to be an advocate to customers facing the challenges of today’s market fierce competition and is often chosen as experts in this field to help American enterprises achieve a technological advantage.  Encompass customer base has expanded to sectors beyond standard manufacturing and distribution to include pharmaceuticals, Life Sciences and more.

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