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Epicor Acquires KBMax a Technology Leader in The Configure Price Quote (CPQ) Market to Help Customers Sell Smarter

News Summary:

  • The acquisition drives continued growth for Epicor with the ability to offer KBMax software as a stand-alone cloud-first, low/no code toolset, or integrated into the Epicor productivity suite to generate new, cross-and-up sell potential.
  • Builds a bridge between Epicor’s customized ERP modules and the sales-to-order process, delivering better customer outcomes.
  • Opens up new international growth markets for Epicor across the United Kingdom, France, Benelux, Sweden, Finland, Italy, and Germany.
  • Marks is the latest in a series of strategic merger and acquisition efforts that cement Epicor’s ambitions to become the sole provider of mission-critical business applications to customers in the key industries served.
  • KBMax customers will benefit by having access to greater technology solutions and services housed beneath the Epicor brand name, coupled with a seamless transition and assured continuity.

AUSTIN, Texas, May 27, 2021 –  Epicor, a global leader of industry-specific enterprise software to promote business growth, announced today that it has acquired Configure Price Quote (CPQ) and visualization software provider KBMax. The transaction closed on May 27. The financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

KBMax software solutions will be marketed under the Epicor brand as a stand-alone module within the company’s productivity suite, aligning seamlessly with Epicor’s deep expertise in the global manufacturing engineer-to-order space. The ability to offer customers a highly customizable, industry-specific one-stop solution that connects the front and back of the house supports Epicor’s mission to differentiate itself from the fleet of one-size-fits-all off-the-shelf ERP solutions.

“Our customers are the essential businesses who make, deliver, and sell the things everyone needs. We knew we needed to move fast, to enable them to be able to stay digitally competitive and build out scalable digital commerce capabilities,” comments Steve Murphy, Epicor CEO. “It’s a perfect time for businesses to reach their customers in new and compelling ways. The integration of KBMax’s technology into our platform will solve that challenge for our customers, enabling them to create an information-rich and immersive online buying experience. The integration of next-gen CPQ tools with our ERP system will enable vital connectivity points to our customers across inventory, costs, pricing, and customer data.”

With complexity comes the need for real-time, reliable integration between systems, especially CPQ and ERP. Research shows that in 2020 80 percent of B2B buyer journeys took place online. Being able to configure a product in CPQ and instantly get 3D renderings and dimensioned drawings will dramatically reduce the time and cost it takes for our customers to respond to RFPs, getting potential buyers the information they need to make a decision faster than ever before.

The integration of KBMax with Epicor’s ERP solutions will provide customers:

  • A seamless connection between sales and operation data improves demand planning and production.
  • A single source of truth for the most complex engineer-to-order projects delivering faster and more accurate sales quotes, fewer order mistakes, and improved sales rep productivity.
  • Ability to navigate the escalating trend of self-service/online business by translating complex sales information into something easy to configure and visualize.
  • A centralized data hub that can be managed in a single application that delivers a full 360-degree view of a customer’s order /fulfillment status allowing the front and back of-house teams to work from the same playbook.
  • Supported business continuity for existing KBMax customers.

KBMax has transformed the buying experience for over 20,000 users and its CPQ software has delivered customers measurable improvements, on average a 168 percent increase in annual sales revenues, 38 percent faster sales cycle, and a 35 percent increase in productivity.

“Epicor truly understands the industries it serves and its deep expertise in critical verticals from manufacturing to distribution make it the ideal home in which our technologies can nest seamlessly, and deliver immediate customer value while allowing us to scale and expand the technology suite,” said Kevin Bennett, KBMax CTO. “The integration of our software into the Epicor portfolio will help ensure the world’s most essential businesses can digitally evolve and thrive.”

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Acknowledgments from Lee An Schommer, SVP, Global Product Management & Epicor University

“As part of our continued commitment to deliver a best-in-class highly customizable suite of productivity solutions, today we are excited to announce that Epicor has acquired KBMax, the technology leader in the 3D Configure Price Quote market.

Research shows that in 2020 80 percent of a B2B buyer’s journey took place online. Understanding the demands on your customers to reach their potential buyers in new and compelling ways, we knew that being able to offer next-gen CPQ tools that are seamlessly and securely housed within our ERP system, would deliver the advantage they need to keep their business ahead.
Combining KBMax’s software expertise in complex configurations with our deep B2B industry knowledge will significantly enhance our competitive position in the marketplace. The addition of KBMax’s leading technology provides vital connectivity points across inventory, pricing, and customer data. Being able to configure a product in CPQ and instantly get 3D renderings and drawings will dramatically reduce the time and cost it takes the businesses we serve to respond to RFPs, ensuring potential buyers receive the information they need to make a decision faster than ever before.
We look forward to continuing to partner with you to enable a world of better business.”

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