SuiteConnect 2018 – NetSuite Announces New Innovations To Accelerate Business Growth

This week at SuiteConnect 2018 Oracle NetSuite has announced several new innovations geared towards helping organizations achieve controlled

This week at SuiteConnect 2018 Oracle NetSuite has announced several new innovations geared towards helping organizations achieve controlled growth, reduce costs, and greater agility when it comes to leveraging the advantages of cloud computing.

“For many entrepreneurs and business owners it can often feel as though the only constant is change but there are many things that have stayed the same including the mandate for growth. We work with thousands of organizations from different industries to help them stay focused on successfully growing and scaling their business amidst all of the change. This gives us a unique understanding of businesses across all sectors and we use those insights to continually enhance the NetSuite platform.”

Evan Goldberg, executive vice president of development, Oracle NetSuite

SuiteConnect 2018 Announcements

Several NetSuite products have received significant investment leading up this year’s SuiteConnect summit. SuiteCommerce, Global Tax Management, and Analytics have received the lion’s share of enhancements.

SuiteConnect 2018 SuiteCommerce Updates

SuiteCommerce has been updated to include new capabilities toward customer engagement, SEO and marketing optimization. Interactive and visual enhancements have been added in an effort to help marketers deliver more personalized and consistent shopping experiences.

When it comes to B2B and B2C eCommerce sites for specific industries, numerous themes have been developed for optimized performance, engagement and conversion. Punctuated by fully responsive interfaces, the user’s shopping experience is far more consistent as a result.

Sellers have greater capability in expanding their offerings with new extensions in the form of blogs, gift wraps, branding, sizing, and testimonials.

Enhanced organization and display tools aid in reporting structures, which delivers a more accurate account of how sales and inventory are tracked and managed. This merchandise hierarchy gives sellers the insights they are looking for when it comes to sales and inventory planning.

SuiteCommerce Google Tag Manager Editor emerges as a solution to join SuiteCommerce and third-party tags, such as Google Ads and Facebook Pixel, without any manipulation of source code.

New branded email templates come ready to use in a variety of common applications, such as order notifications, digital delivery notifications, and a host of other alerts and responses, such as password recovery.

The new SuiteSuccess edition of SuiteCommerce brings all the benefits of SuiteCommerce to the rapid implementation methodology of SuiteSuccess, thereby delivering critical tools into the hands of users, faster.

SuiteConnect 2018 SuiteTax Updates

In an effort to help organizations expand their offerings at the international level, SuiteTax assists in simplifying the necessary calculations for taxes at the global level. The tool is capable of calculating sales tax rates in 140 countries with complete tax regimes for China, India, and Brazil. These rates are updated in real-time, allowing users to drill-down into the tax components they need with ease, all the way down to the transaction level.

SuiteConnect 2018 SuiteAnalytics Updates

Accurate answers at speed are what all analysts are after and the powerful tools found in SuiteAnalytics provide exactly that. With no need for additional development and IT staff, reporting comes from a single source. The process becomes far less complex and real-time business insights from every area of an enterprise can be retrieved at a moment’s notice.

SuiteConnect 2018 Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud (PCB) Integration

What one might refer to at a financial professionals dream software, Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud is a complete planning, budgeting, and forecasting solution that enables organizations of any size to rapidly adopt world-class planning applications, improving forecast accuracy with minimal IT resources. Viewing and comparing forecasted budgets with actuals is made easy through the integration and allows enterprises of every size to leverage that visibility to make smarter and more accurate decisions when it comes to putting their organizations capital to work.

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