ERP systems are kinda our thing, so we’re sure you’ll understand when we get really, really excited about version updates. We understand that most people don’t get excited about version updates at all… in fact, a lot of people get nervous at the idea of change. That’s where we come in. We love keeping our clients on the cutting edge and version updates help us make your business more efficient, productive, and streamlined.

That’s definitely something you can get excited about.

Epicor 10.2 has been kept tightly under wraps, but earlier in the month, Express and Multi-Tenant Cloud customers were able to receive a pilot upgrade, and customers with embedded education have access to delta training courses. Our team has been training hard on learning the new features and functionality so that we can continue our commitment to excellence by providing seamless updates and smooth roll-outs.

The new Epicor mission statement—“Ease of Everything”—gives us a clue on what to expect. They’ve made no secret of the fact that there will be a new User Experience with this version, and the new customizable, role-based Home Page will feature active tiles that will display—in real time!—the important data your business needs immediate access to in order to keep your workflow running.

So: Get excited. Epicor 10.2 will be out soon and Encompass will be there to help take your business to the next level.

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