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Collaboration tools for manufacturers are an unsung hero of the sales cycle. However, the benefits of collaboration don’t

Collaboration tools for manufacturers are an unsung hero of the sales cycle. However, the benefits of collaboration don’t start and stop at the bottom line. Employee stress diminishes considerably when collaboration and communication are seamless between departments. Connect your business like never before and foster a culture of collaboration in the workplace to discover just how efficiently your organization can operate with everyone on the same page and working with the same data.

Modern Collaboration Tools for Better Efficiency

Build collaboration across a tech-savvy workforce with Epicor Collaborate—the messaging platform for a connected workforce. Simple and easy to use, Collaborate has the familiarity of popular digital messaging tools—with powerful features designed for business.

  • Familiar concepts like tagging, liking, and sharing help promote cooperation and engagement
  • Cloud deployment offers easy access for a remote workforce on desktop and mobile devices
  • Secure, scalable messaging enabled by powerful Azure tools helps you maintain confidentiality

In less than a day, Encompass can teach your team how to use the new tool, and build collaboration with a connected workforce.

The Benefits of Epicor Collaborate

Out of the box, Collaborate comes with pre-built notifications that cover almost everything a business would need. Not only this but setting up notifications is fast and simple.

Managing the alerts you subscribe to as a user is intuitive and handled right from the Kinetic desktop.

You can message users directly, create and message groups, or message users from inside a record that needs their attention and input.  All of this happens inside the ERP system, so there’s no need to clutter email inboxes.

As long as Kinetic users have a Collaborate license and credentials to access it, Encompass consultants can bring your organization online and up to speed in a single day.

For cloud users, set-up is minimal, while on-premise installations will require the expertise of an ERP systems administrator or our own Managed Services team.

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