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Small And Medium Businesses Turn To Cloud ERP For Agility In Operations

When the goal is to be agile both on the shop floor and in the marketplace, manufacturers need

When the goal is to be agile both on the shop floor and in the marketplace, manufacturers need tools that allow them significant maneuverability. ERP systems have traditionally been the biggest component of operational adaptability when circumstances change behind the scenes. Cloud ERP is one recent example of innovation in Industry 4.0 that has reinvigorated the manufacturing space for enterprises of every size. A survey by Technology Evaluation Centers revealed Epicor ERP ranked as the top solution for growing small and medium businesses.

Cost Saving Software

Today, small and medium businesses (SMB) can achieve world-class efficiency at a fraction of the cost when compared to the past 10 or even five years. What was once accepted as a software solution available only to large enterprises, ERP allows small and medium businesses to access data like never before. Without the high-cost of on-premises solutions, cloud ERP solutions provide significantly improved levels of insight into operations by omitting the costly expenses of hardware, maintenance, and security. Small and medium businesses are finding it easier to make their mark in the marketplace with the extra capital provided by these all-in-one solutions, in many cases built specifically for their industry.

Information Sharing

By more effectively sharing relevant information between departments, small and medium business operations can avoid bottlenecks caused by low inventory or sub-contracting tasks. Access to as much or as little data as is necessary provides every member of the workforce with the insight they need to ensure the supply chain is never interrupted.

ERP Frees Resources

Cloud-based ERP systems bring down operational costs at the point of implementation, that much is true. However, more impressive still is the ability for small and medium businesses to take advantage of the reduction of labor costs associated with ERP solutions. By eliminating the human component of repetitive tasks, labor is freed to be focused elsewhere in the supply chain. Additional benefits of the automation components of ERP solutions include fewer instances of erroneous data and more accurate forecasting.

The Take Away For Small And Medium Businesses

Beyond the cost benefits implementing an ERP system puts SMBs in the right mindset for growth with a commitment to the long-term. Positioning your business for success starts with the right attitude, after that the right tools pave the way for your progression. Cloud ERP brings several benefits that SMBs can see the results of immediately.

The first immediate benefit is uniformity and transparency within a single information system. Without the need to chase down data or keep departments working within siloed systems, everyone can work on the same page towards the same goal. With multiple data entries and exports no longer in the picture, errors are mitigated, productivity increased, and associated expenses no longer affect your bottom line.

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ERP Systems Are Accessible And Highly Beneficial To Small And Medium Businesses.

Informed decision making emerges with effective ERP solutions in place. Everyone from marketing to management to accounting benefits from the ability to make more effective decisions affecting operations now and ahead. When the overall strategy becomes clearer, agility comes naturally and your business can adapt more easily to obstacles before they become issues.

Streamlined processes make way for increased productivity with ERP. The systems you have put in place today will enable a smoother transition through growth as you enjoy the success resulting from your hard work. The alternative may end up costing you much more than the price tag of an ERP system.

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