SecturaSOFT quoting and estimating software for metals and packaging manufacturing

SecturaSOFT Quoting and Estimating Solutions for Manufacturers

Quoting and estimating are critical processes for many manufacturers. Many software providers lack support for or fall short

Quoting and estimating are critical processes for many manufacturers. Many software providers lack support for or fall short in delivering these essential needs. Fortunately, Epicor has teamed up with SecturaSOFT to integrate cutting-edge quoting and estimating tools into the Epicor Kinetic ERP solution.

What is SecturaSOFT?

SecturaSOFT is a software company that develops Multi-Discipline Quoting and Estimating Software. Namely, the SecturaFAB and SecturaPAQ solutions. These solutions are designed around the needs of Fabricated Metals, Metal Services, Industrial Machinery, and Folded Carton manufacturers.

Featuring Breakout Capability, users can leverage easy-to-interpret graphical representation and estimate based on nested cutting carried out by specific equipment. Keep in mind that this software is not nesting software. Rather, it uses nesting logic to show a possible nesting and estimate cutting times based on material and machine.

Notable features include:

  • Nesting Estimation: nesting logic for building quotes in seconds
  • Work Order Integration: easily utilize previously-stored geometry to make a quote into a work order
  • 5-Axis Machining: custom tooling setup for complex machining quotes
  • Kinetic Material Integration: pull in materials data straight from Kinetic

See SecturaSOFT Solutions in Action

You can view the SecturaSOFT solutions, SecturaFAB and SecturaPAQ, in action by clicking on the respective links below.

SecturaFAB demo

SecturaPAQ demo


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