What business wouldn’t want to save on credit card transactions? Well, we’ve developed a process that will allow you to do just that. We have developed a solution as an enhancement to the base credit card processing module that Epicor provides. We replace a DLL (dynamically linked library) with an updated one that looks for events involving capturing of funds or sales (where it is an authorization and capture all in one).


When we receive that event we query the Epicor database for additional information (level 3 details which includes everything for level 2) and add that to the request. The nice thing about credit card processors is they will only use the amount of information they need, so if it is a consumer credit card it will simply discard the additional data. But for B2B customers it will automatically select the right level and provide those cost savings.

The standard Epicor credit card handling system only provides level 1 information. This is essentially the total and information to identify the customer in terms of fraud protection. Now some of these fees and savings are individually negotiated. The default fees for PayPal Website Payments (which is technically what is used) is 2.9% + $.30/transaction.

Now level 2 will be the level that helps our customers the most. This requires additional details on the purchase, the amount of the tax, a customer code, postal codes, and tax identification number. For customers that are using corporate cards (B2B customers), you get a lower fee if you provide this information as well. I had seen the most often quoted numbers as .5% savings for level 2 customers. 

Level 3 is the next iteration of that offering something around 1% total savings. This is for business to business (tend to be larger corporations) and business to government purchases. For this we are sending a lot of additional data in terms of the line level details about the purchase.

Level 1, 2, and 3 Comparison


Looking at only level 2 savings (.5%), a customer doing $400,000 in credit card sales would have an annual savings of $2,000.

For pricing information on implementing this solution and to learn more about cost savings in credit card transactions for your Company please contact us.

Saberlogic is a professional services firm that provides custom development services and support for Infor ERP Visual (Visual Enterprise/Visual Manufacturing) and Epicor Vantage ERP. 

Here at Encompass Solutions, Inc. we are proud to continue working with Saberlogic on many development and implementation projects in a partnership that extends over many years and which has allowed both firms to serve, thrive and grow.  You may learn more about Saberlogic on their website: http://www.saberlogic.com

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