Image source: Triad Business Journal

When you love where you work, your company is only half of it: The other half is the building, the place where your desk is, where the work that drives you begins and is built. We’ll leave discussing the finer points of Feng Shui for another day, but no one can deny that your environment is a huge factor in your behavior and mood and so, your productivity.

That’s why Encompass, Inc, is based in one of the most inspiring places in Greensboro, NC: Revolution Mills. This 120-year-old textile mill was once the home of the future and countless dreams… and now it is once again.

In 1898, the Cone brothers and the Sternberger family partner together to open the 45-acre Revolution Mill, the first flannel producing factory in the south. By 1930, Revolution Mill is the largest exclusive flannel-producing factory in the world, with over two-thousand looms working two shifts, pushing over 200,000 yards of denim out of their doors every single day. The massive campus featured not only the production facilities, but four baseball diamonds, two YMCAs, groceries, a drugstore, a doctor’s office, and even a barber shop.

The mill closed in 1982 after the popularity of flannel fell, and after being placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1984, several ventures to restore the buildings and create multi-use facilities began, with the Self-Help Group securing its future with a 100 million dollar redevelopment in 2012.

Now home to more than seventy-five businesses and featuring over a hundred and forty apartments, Revolution Mills has sprung back to life, fostering the creativity and production that helped build America a hundred years ago once again.

That’s why our offices are located in Revolution Mills. The huge industrial space has been turned into an open-style plan, creating a collaborative environment featuring high ceilings, Manhattan-sized windows made of industrial iron, exposed brick walls and soaring wooden rafters. Within our space, we can see and feel the history of the Mill, even as we work with cutting-edge technology where steam-powered looms used to sit.

Our neighbors have come to this place to feel the same sense of creativity we do: we’re next to art studios, law firms, interior designers, financial services, photography studios, even a radio station. Of course, there is an apparel designer here too… quite fitting, we think.

As the Mill continues to change and expand, fitting in new services, homes and businesses, working here becomes even more inspiring as we see this ongoing project grow and evolve, much in the same way our Epicor systems grow over their development time.

Come on down one day and see our space. We promise you’ll find it just as inspiring as we do.

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