NetSuite Structures Human Capital Management To Fit The Build

NetSuite Human Capital Management When it comes to your human capital, managing your resources and putting them to

NetSuite Human Capital Management

When it comes to your human capital, managing your resources and putting them to use in the most efficient manner can become a cumbersome task, especially as operations scale. Fortunately, managing the needs of all departments within an organization becomes more fluid as automation of tasks and administrative duties, calculation of taxes, payroll, and peripheral finances are streamlined. The instances of human error and financial losses incurred from inaccurate data are reduced significantly while performance soars with unified business systems, like NetSuite Human Capital Management.

SuitePeople: Putting HR On A Pedestal

While automation and robotics are increasing their impact on this industry, the human element still commands the lion’s share of food and beverage. Managing human capital in the office and on the production floor is a costly and complicated endeavor. This is where NetSuite’s detailed approach to unified business systems for food and beverage manufacturers really shines. An HR system that puts your people at the center, Netsuite’s SuitePeople module takes the legwork out of NetSuite Human Capital Management (HCM) for businesses of every size.

A screenshot of NetSuite Human Capital Management unified business system dashboard.

NetSuite’s Detailed Approach To Unified Business Systems For Food And Beverage Manufacturers.

Cloud-Based Human Resources

When managed improperly, accurately tracking staff hours takes too much time and money.  HR, PR, accounting and human interaction require full-time attention.  Getting timely productivity reports, identifying issues, and addressing issues before they become problems are fundamental needs of any unified business system. This is particularly true of the software designed for food and beverage manufacturers. By leveraging NetSuite Human Capital Managementin the cloud, your HR department can collect and store critical information in real-time ensuring a single version of the truth.

A screenshot of NetSuite Human Capital Management when accessed from the cloud.

Cloud-Driven Solutions And Custom Dashboards Allow Human resources To Be Effective From Anywhere.

Role Management

By applying role-based permissions and customizable interfaces, everyone, from the C-level to maintenance, can utilize the solution to support themselves and their teams. The built-in security of roles and permissions also keep everyone in their own domain, ensuring there are no overlaps and fewer instances of human error.

Universal Data And Reach

As operations scale and expand, standardizing HR practices throughout an organization can present unique challenges. With SuitePeople, businesses can access and employ the same relevant data from anywhere in the world to encourage, safeguard, and enhance their workforces. Reporting and analytics become more revealing as well when user experience is fluid and combining data for dynamic results can be done from anywhere.

Payroll Perfected

Payroll is made simple by utilizing the SuitePeople tools, automating what HR used to do manually. With complete integration between NetSuite Human Capital Management and Accounting modules, employer and employee taxes can be paid for, with the required documentation being submitted to the proper authorities, all at once. More than 10,000 local jurisdictions are included in the support of both federal and state tax requirements with real-time monitoring and updates provided by the software round the clock. Even year-end W2 generation and ACA reporting are handled with the click of a button. Both direct depositing and printed checks can be provided according to employee preference with a complete and recent history of pay statements available to employees whenever they want to review these key components.


A screenshot of the NetSuite Human Capital Management unified business system interface for payroll.

Payroll Is Made Simple By Utilizing The SuitePeople Tools, Automating What HR Used To Do Manually.

Employee Portal

Giving employees the opportunity to utilize a portal designed for them is essential in maintaining an understanding of current company policies and resources as they pertain to benefits and compensation. An intuitive user interface allows users to access paystubs and review compensation as far back as day one. Reviewing the allocation of vacation time, sick days, and flex time is easy and convenient alongside the ability to submit requests to utilize those benefits, all within the SuitePeople module, a component of NetSuite Human Capital Management. Give your employees the recognition they deserve with a direct communication channel they can access from anywhere they have an internet connection and browser.

A screenshot of the NetSuite Human Capital Management employee portal homepage.

Give Employees The Opportunity To Utilize A Resource Portal Designed With Them In Mind.

Analytics Built From An HCM Perspective

Understanding your workforce is essential to running a highly functional HR department. SuitePeople has the tools to analyze and track information like headcount, hiring, and turnovers. Drilling down through department, location, and subsidiary filters allow you to make smart business decisions related to your most valuable asset.

An image of the NetSuite Human Capital Management headcount analysis.

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