NetSuite Celebrates 20th Anniversary And Founder Evan Goldberg Outlines The Strategy Moving Forward

Last week, ERP solution users celebrated the NetSuite 20th Anniversary of delivering complete suite applications to businesses and organizations

Last week, ERP solution users celebrated the NetSuite 20th Anniversary of delivering complete suite applications to businesses and organizations of every size. The company’s founder and EVP, Evan Goldberg, affirms that the acquisition of NetSuite by Oracle has only furthered the company’s mission to deliver unified solutions that enable businesses to tackle the challenges of corporate and operational growth.

NetSuite 20th Anniversary: What Comes Next

In his address last week, Goldberg outlined three major areas where NetSuite will be focusing efforts today, tomorrow, and over the next 20 years. Those areas are:

  • Increase in Research and Development
  • Adoption of More Oracle Technology, Including Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)
  • International Expansion

NetSuite Research and Development

R&D at NetSuite has increased year after year and the NetSuite product has grown by leaps and bounds as a result. With direct access to the Oracle technology that has powered NetSuite since its inception, the company is poised to make even greater gains going into the next stage of operation. Focus areas include Machine learning, AI, blockchain and other advanced technologies that NetSuite can leverage to deliver even more potent services.

Oracle Cloud Interface (OCI)

The OCI investments being made right now are going to enable NetSuite to continually shift away from its 11 global datacenters towards a complete OCI-based entity. The change will be gradual, but has endured significant gains in momentum as a result of increased development.

The environment is designed specifically to provide dependably fast performance, versatility and the governance and workload facilitation required of the most discerning clients.

NetSuite Expansion And Localization

As trends continue to allow companies across the globe to expand into international markets, NetSuite continues to capitalize on its already sizable reach. A company the currently operates in 199 countries, supports 190 currencies, and is translated into 24 languages, NetSuite will continue to grow to support more currencies, languages, and localizations to capitalize on a global presence.

You can read the full address from Evan Goldberg on the official NetSuite Blog, Here.

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