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Moogfest 2018 A Success For All Things Synthesizer

Reverberations from Moogfest 2018 are still being felt long after the event’s conclusion and we couldn’t help but

Reverberations from Moogfest 2018 are still being felt long after the event’s conclusion and we couldn’t help but take the opportunity to congratulate Moog Music, Inc., a longtime client of ours at Encompass Solutions, Inc., on another successful year of bringing together musicians, engineers, and enthusiasts to celebrate the legacy of Bob Moog.

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Moogfest 2018 in Durham, NC

Moogfest is a tribute and celebration to the legacy of Bob Moog, the creator and mastermind behind Moog synthesizers and electronic music technology.

This marks the 14th anniversary of Moogfest, which features synthesizer technology and all matter of associated gear, gadgets, and goodies. This year, there was a wealth of resources for synth enthusiasts, but Moog and other brands took things a bit further and exhibited their latest creations in guitar rigs, and electronic percussion set-ups, and there was even an analog video display to carry the atmosphere even farther. This year’s event placed special emphasis on female, non-binary, and transgender artists when forming their line-up.

The show-stopper for Moogfest 2018 was their latest, semi-modular synthesizer, the Moog Grandmother. Some of the instrument’s features include a digital, arpeggiating sequencer section, one modulation section that doubles as an oscillator to compliment the instrument’s other two oscillators in the mixer section, various utilities for patching, a classic filter section, and an envelope section. Last but not least is the spring reverb that harkens back to classic Moog units with an unmistakably haunting spatial sound.

To explore the sonic possibilities and cosmic context of Grandmother, Moog Music visited the Linear Labs studio of artist-composer Adrian Younge (Black Dynamite, Netflix’s Luke Cage) earlier in 2018. In this video, Younge gives his personal “Thesis On Sound” while incorporating Grandmother into his retro-inspired creative workflow at Linear Labs.

The event not only showcased the latest creations of musical instrument manufacturers but provided learning opportunities and hands-on workshops to craft the ultimate sound geek experience where you could build your own modular Moog synthesizer under the guidance of Moog engineers.

About Moog

Known for manufacturing premier modular synthesizers used by musicians and recording artists the world over, Moog’s impressive products are hand-made right here in our backyard. Based in Asheville, North Carolina, the brand has branched out beyond the theremin and synthesizer to deliver a superior selection of musical instruments and accessories. While the electronic music scene in North Carolina still has plenty of room to catch up with when compared to the likes of New York and San Francisco, Moog makes it a point to deliver innovative ideas that revolutionize sound as we know it. The classic appeal and creative engineering in manufacturing make the most out-of-this-world musical instruments in a region of the US known for dirt roads and back-country sensibilities.

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