June 2019 News And Updates

Now that spring cleaning is complete, it’s time to get your ship in shape for summer. We’ve got

Now that spring cleaning is complete, it’s time to get your ship in shape for summer. We’ve got a wealth of useful resources for you to consider when improving internal processes, automating tasks, and reducing costly mistakes. Have a look at our June 2019 News And Updates for tools, techniques, and events to improve your organizational performance.

The supply chain is rife with opportunities for things to go wrong as a result of manual tasks, suppliers failing to follow through, and a host of other issues. Automating procurement processes can save you big on time, money, and headaches.

IoT is not a buzzword, it’s part of the lexicon. These connections are opening doors for manufacturers they never thought possible. Learn more about the biggest benefits of IoT for manufacturers.

Want a better view of corporate performance? How about a better handle on internal budgeting processes? We’ve got a few budgeting best practices you’ll want to implement.

EDI is an essential part of any company’s digital transformation; for many, it’s an industry standard that cannot be ignored. Get on board and implement EDI for manufacturers to reduce time, costs, and errors.

Mark your calendars for a joint webinar with Encompass Solutions and Bezlio on how you can mobilize your teams to work with your ERP data securely from anywhere, any time, online and offline. The event takes place on August 7th at 2 pm EST. Register today.

Now that Tax Season is over, how has your business been impacted by sales tax and nexus rules in the wake of Wayfair v. South Dakota? Need a more robust tax solution or just want to know more about these sweeping tax changes? Download the latest Sales & Use Tax Compliance resource from our partner, Avalara.

Procurement Automation

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 Start automating the procurement process in your organization to realize the benefits of increased supplier accountability, improved collaboration, and automation of manual tasks.

IoT For Manufacturers

an image of iot for manufacturers and the tools predictive maintenance delivers to manufacturers

Chances are you have come across the terms Internet of Things (IoT) or the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Get to know more about how these technologies benefit manufacturing operations.

Budgeting Process Improvement

an image of busgeting process improvement software from prophix, an encompass solutions partner

Getting a handle on your company’s performance can be a daunting task. Here are a few ways you can improve your budgeting processes to reflect your overall corporate performance.

EDI For Manufacturers

an image of transferring and connections of edi documents for manufacturing

EDI is essential for fast and fluid information exchange between trading partners. Get rid of the paper and manual modes of communication by going digital with EDI built for manufacturers.

Webinar – Mobility With Epicor ERP

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Mobilize your workforce and sales force by accessing your secure, on-premises data sources in real-time, on any mobile device, from anywhere. Join us on August 7th at 2 pm EST.

Getting Your Taxes In Order with Avalara

an image of the sales tax and compliance resources from Avalara as part of the june 2019 nes and updates from encompass

Over the last year, some sweeping changes to sales tax laws have affected businesses conducting sales across state lines. Make sure you comply with the latest regulations.

Encompass June 2019 News And Updates

Encompass Solutions is happy to announce it will be helping Moments, a manufacturing start-up of modular homes and commercial buildings, to bring construction into the 22nd century with Epicor ERP. Stay tuned for our case study on this exciting development.

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Epicor June 2019 News And Updates

Haven’t read up on the latest Epicor ERP update? Get to know more about the latest features and updates of Epicor ERP 10.2.400.

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Oracle NetSuite June 2019 News And Updates

NetSuite’s Scott Derksen delivered a 25-minute interview on the Tearsheet podcast on why he believes ERP sits at the center of banking as a service. This comes following NetSuite’s heavy investment in resources earlier this year to target banking as a service on its robust cloud platform.

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