What does it take to run a marathon? Beyond the shoes designed to perfect a runner’s stride, the clothing that frees movement and creates comfort, a diet of both quick and long-lasting energy, and mental preparation, there’s hours and hours of training, exercise, form drills and cardio and weights and more: Months and months of hard work for an event that lasts just hours.

Your ERP system is going to be running for more than just hours yet the marathon runner comparison is worth considering, because an Epicor / Encompass system can take it even further: Imagine a runner not only being perfectly trained and prepared for the run ahead, but also having the ability to upgrade or change their shoes midstride as the race goes on; clothing that adapts to the weather to protect from rain or temperature; to instantaneously energize their body and invigorate their muscles when the miles become tiring.

Planning is just one half of a system built for longevity; adaptation is the other.

Maybe you’re already starting to experience longevity problems with your existing ERP system. Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Your system is no longer supported. The tech is outdated, there are no more upgrades, and IT support is nonexistent.
  • Your company has expanded, grown, merged, or acquired, and your current system can’t scale.
  • Changing costs, goals, or structures necessitate moving funds away from IT systems and into other areas of the business.
  • An inflexible system is not allowing you to offer more or enhanced services, or keeps your company from being agile and responsive.

These, in running terms, would be the twisted ankles, the worn-out shoes, the insufficient training, or the bad weather that slows you down, eating away at your personal best time or, even worse, causing you to drop out of the race all together. The tools we create support the business and drive it forward; they don’t serve as a hurdle to be cleared. A solid ERP system with expert implementation will improve your company’s performance across the board with access to accurate data and seamless integration of all of your business’ systems. Combined with flexibility, scalability, and customized solutions, you will be in it for the long haul.

An Epicor / Encompass system is built with both decades worth of experience, bringing the training you need to run the marathon, and the latest technology, pushing you ahead of the competition, over the ever-changing landscape of your business, and across the finish line.

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