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How Predictive Maintenance With ERP Solutions Saves Manufacturers Millions

Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) costs can cripple a manufacturer’s bottom line, especially when the required work compounds

Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) costs can cripple a manufacturer’s bottom line, especially when the required work compounds problems by impacting production to a significant degree. Implementing a dynamic ERP solution, like Epicor ERP, can address the issue before it becomes a problem. Through an effective mix of Quality Assurance and Asset Management modules, Epicor has built a powerful solution to specifically tackle the tasks associated with maintenance management, from Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) to multinational corporations.

Industry 4.0 – Machine Learning As An Essential Tool

By leveraging the Industrial Internet of Things and modern data analytics, manufacturers are finding that machine learning is the next essential tool in keeping their operations running at peak performance. These tools provide manufacturers with more and better data to ensure impacts that are detrimental to business are circumvented even before becoming roadblocks.

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Manufacturers Are Finding That Machine Learning Is The Next Essential Tool In Keeping Their Operations Running At Peak Performance.

According to John Fryer, senior director of industry solutions at fault-tolerant computer servers and software company Stratus, on his partnership with TransCanada, “data is now being collected from every turbine, pump and compression station, and fed back to a centralized control room. The data is then integrated and analyzed…to identify trends and enable predictive maintenance to be carried out.”

Stratus is currently working in tandem with TransCanada to maintain the operation of the gas company’s 57,000 miles of pipelines. The network often stretches into in rural and remote regions, which makes monitoring and predictive maintenance even more essential.

ROI With ERP Solutions

Because of improved monitoring, quality assurance, and asset management, manufacturers receive significant savings when it comes to MRO costs. By providing a comprehensive and fully-integrated approach to the calibration and upkeep of systems and equipment, manufacturers employing ERP solutions in their facilities can operate at maximum runtime to secure an optimum return on their total costs.

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Improved Monitoring, Quality Assurance, And Asset Management Allow Manufacturers To Realize Significant Savings When It Comes To MRO Costs.

In the case of TransCanada, savings between $16m and $17m were measured in the first year following implementation alone. That’s just one success story. When an entire industry employs such advancements in how operations are maintained, the savings can compound by an order of magnitude.

How Epicor ERP Addresses Predictive Maintenance

Through the Maintenance Management module of Epicor’s ERP solution, manufacturers gain extensive support for maintenance request processing, planned preventive maintenance (according to predefined schedules), and improvised break/fix maintenance processing for a single piece of equipment. When it comes to the facilities themselves and production equipment housed within, maintenance can be scheduled according to a pre-defined service interval, usage, time or through manual requests. Once these work orders have been identified in the system, the upkeep planner can schedule equipment downtime and exchange resources or materials on the fly. The complete history of these machines, materials, and work orders are tracked using many metrics, including the in-service date, equipment location, warrant expiration date, and preventative maintenance plans based on either time or meter frequencies.

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Epicor ERP Helps Manufacturers Keep Operations Running Smoothly With Predictive Maintenance Tools.

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