ERP Software For Aerospace And Defense Manufacturers

The needs of aerospace and defense manufacturers are increasingly complex, requiring coordination and efficiency from decision-makers to staff

The needs of aerospace and defense manufacturers are increasingly complex, requiring coordination and efficiency from decision-makers to staff carrying out day-to-day operations, just like the teams they are empowering in the field. Those needs are growing more complex by the day according to this review of the defense industrial base, conducted in 2018 by the Center for Strategic and International Studies. Here’s how ERP Software For Aerospace and Defense manufacturers delivers on those unique needs.

Benefits Of ERP Software for Aerospace And Defense Manufacturers

What you may want to consider is a purpose-built solution for manufacturing. In this case, Epicor ERP software for aerospace and defense manufacturers delivers:

  • Constant visibility of product scope and the entire manufacturing process
  • Project predictions and adjustments using comparisons to previous project data
  • Improve lead times and reduce waste through the implementation of lean strategies
  • Automate the compliance process
  • Recording and reviewing of the entire product lifecycle including audit trails and records of all project purchases
  • Framework and support for on-the-fly changes in the supply chain
  • Immediate recognition of deviation from product specification
  • Fully-embedded project management tools capable of facilitating the entire quote-to-cash cycle and supporting both cost and scheduling visibility to maximize efficiency
  • Product life-cycle management from cradle to grave
  • A complete audit trail of compliance standards for design, production, sourcing, and delivery stages
  • A proven framework to streamline business processes and workflows
  • A service-oriented architecture built around lean methodologies, which improves lead times and reduces waste
  • Complete workflows that include customer sign off at each critical stage, from design concept to final estimate
  • Seamless communication of project data
  • Intuitive and clear reporting for stakeholders

With more than 40 years of combined experience serving midmarket organizations and divisions of Global 1000 companies, Epicor has more than 20,000 customers in over 150 countries. Going beyond just ERP software, Epicor’s intimate understanding of aerospace and defense industries drives increased efficiency and improves profitability. By providing product management, project management, customer relationship management (CRM), supply chain management (SCM) and other essential tools, Epicor equips businesses in an increasingly regulated sector to succeed.

Epicor ERP Software For Aerospace And Defense Manufacturers

Epicor ERP software meets these complex needs by providing the tools necessary to refine operations, glean actionable insights from data, and maintain successful relationships with partners and customers. By streamlining processes to meet demand, without sacrificing quality or increasing costs, business performance improves. It’s one thing to make the essential goods that support critical infrastructure and defense systems, but are you paying the same attention to the quality of you in-house systems and processes that support your business’ longevity? Here’s how ERP software for aerospace and defense manufacturers addresses these unique needs.

Regulatory Standards, Compliance, And Quality

Manufacturing in aerospace and defense industries is highly regulated, and for good reason. Production is complex and due to the nature of use and products need to perform consistently over the course of a long service life. The slightest defect or deviation from highly-engineered components can lead to catastrophe. Managing a business in line with these standards is difficult, to say the least. Compliance, quality assurance, and meeting mission-critical deadlines means there is no room for error. Manufacturers must juggle these standards while maintaining a profitable business.

An image of epicor erp software for aerospace and defense manufacturers advanced quality management

Fortunately, Epicor ERP software for aerospace and defense manufacturers delivers the visibility, governance, auditing capabilities, and management tools needed to satisfy intense regulatory frameworks such as ITAR, IFRS, and SOX.

With the power to trace compliance standards throughout the supply chain, businesses can maintain detailed accounts of their adherence to regulation every step of the way. These milestones and forms of compliance documentation are recorded and easily relayed to individuals and organizations that need to know they’ve been satisfied. By delivering superior visibility and making it easy to communicate compliance, costly fines and errors can be avoided. Examples of data visibility output include:

  • Leverage audit intelligence and apply global searches for results in seconds
  • Track and manage when internal audits are scheduled, due, and overdue
  • Report on nonconformance/corrective actions by type, category, area, personnel, etc.
  • Report on and analyze audit data across departments, plants, regions, and the entire organization

Managing the quality of assembly, component or subassemblies is a complex undertaking. Fortunately, ERP systems take the heavy lifting out of quality management with tools that make compliance a simple affair. They provide detailed audit trails of data, records, and other documentation throughout the supply chain. This can manifest in the form of a single data point, a full report or any combination of manufacturing data in-between. ERP systems provide critical data associated with jobs, parts, inspection plans, serial numbers, lot numbers, and more.

Managing Multiple Suppliers

Small and midsized manufacturers are typically not self-sufficient in that they rely on outside suppliers to provide certain parts for manufacturing operations. However, relying on a single source for critical components is an all too common practice among manufacturers supplying the U.S defense industry. The glaring problem being that if a manufacturers single source of parts goes belly up or can’t provide their necessary parts, manufacturing comes to a halt and the business can’t deliver on its orders.

Managing supplier relationships and building a network of reliable partnerships is critical to maintaining the quality and consistency customers depend on. Supplier relationship tools provided by ERP software make this job easier on the manufacturer. Not only can many processes throughout the supply chain be automated through Epicor ERP software, but it also empowers businesses to make better decisions and secure a more beneficial position in a competitive marketplace.

An image of epicor erp software for aerospace and defense manufacturers supply chain management


Your ERP system serves as your single source of truth and operates as a repository for buyer, part and supplier records, it helps you preserve accuracy, streamline workflows and remove redundant data entry, as well. Epicor ERP goes far beyond just supplier relationship management tools with a full suite of supply chain management tools, which includes:

  • Purchase Management
  • Supplier Connect
  • Supplier Relationship Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Advanced Material Management
  • Manifesting and Freight Management
  • Shipping and Receiving
  • Warehouse Management
  • Handhelds

Build stronger relationships with suppliers and own supply chain management processes. By leveraging the ability to request quotes for raw materials from multiple suppliers at once and filter RFQ criteria based on your company’s specific needs.

Product Lifecycle Management And Enterprise Security

A component of the Product Management module within Epicor ERP, Product Lifecycle Management is a key component of aerospace and defense industries. This component of the Epicor ERP system serves as the central command center containing all data and documentation associated with your products. Capable of integrating with more than a dozen computer-aided design (CAD) and electronic design automation (EDA) software systems, Epicor ERP offers a hub where changes are made and recorded. This makes essential review and response operations easy and efficient at every stage.

An image of epicor erp software for aerospace and defense manufacturers product lifecycle management

The topic of digital security is one that has been increasingly placed at the forefront of business’ internal and external conversations. Epicor Cloud ERP and Epicor ERP on-premise deployments utilize state-of-the-art security measure to ensure the security of digital assets, IP, and communications. In Epicor PLM specifically, users only have as much access as they are granted by the Epicor ERP admin. CAD models, engineering designs, drawings, communications, contracts, and private documents are all kept under lock and key with fully-encrypted password protection. Minimize risk and secure your essential data using industry-leading Epicor ERP software for aerospace and defense manufacturers.

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