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Epicor XL Connect 7 Summer Sale

Summer is a season know for bringing the heat. For many of us working-types, that heat can take

Summer is a season know for bringing the heat. For many of us working-types, that heat can take the form of reporting and analytics on a business’ latest efforts and performance over time. Unfortunately, that’s not a heat we can avoid in our climate-controlled, AC-cooled offices, desks, and cubicles. However, that heat can be beaten and you can get more done, faster with XL Connect 7. Knowing you got the job completed right in a fraction of the time leaves more time for doing the things you love. Like budgeting. Right? No, just me? Well, you can give your business a leg up and potentially to steal a few more hours of summer sun now that Epicor XL Connect 7 is on sale at a rate of 20% off. Leverage this powerful tool to reap the benefits of self-service reporting and analytics, nested in the user-friendly environment of Microsoft® Excel®.

Epicor XL Connect 7 Sale – 20% Off

Customers who have not used Epicor XL Connect previously get a 20% off the list price on license price or subscription when buying Epicor XL Connect 7.

Customers already using Epicor XL Connect 7 get a 20% off the list price on license price or subscription when buying additional users.

Contact your Customer Account Manager using the link below for further details.

Hurry! Special offer expires 8/31/19.

What is Epicor XL Connect 7?

Epicor XL Connect 7 is a self-service reporting and analytics solution that allows users to engage with their data in the familiar ecosystem of Microsoft® Excel®. The built-in query tool and drag-and-drop interface solve the universal problem of relying on others to create customized reports. It works with your Epicor and Microsoft Excel data sources and includes intuitive features that allow business users to answer many of their own questions. For the analysts, XL Connect 7 means that manual and ad hoc reports can be automated in a matter of minutes—saving time for more critical activities.

Epicor XL Connect 7 makes it easy for users to create and refresh information in Excel. Combining Epicor data with additional lookup and calculations, you get the answers you need without the usual challenges of gathering and refreshing the data sources.

The perfect solution for both the analyst and the business user, XL Connect 7 is a game-changer in the way you and your company manage reporting. Build reports in minutes, utilize templates, and create interactive reports for detailed drill-downs and analysis from existing spreadsheets and Epicor data—all within Microsoft Excel.

Epicor XL Connect 7 includes enhanced data protection, so you have peace of mind knowing your data is secure and that users can only access the data you want them to see.

Epicor XL Connect 7 Benefits For The Business Analyst

When it comes to the benefits of Epicor XL Connect 7 for the business analyst, the biggest benefit emerges with the tool’s ability to leverage all Excel data. Not only this, but Epicor XL Connect 7 facilitates the real-time automatic connection to all your Epicor data. the result is a consolidation of company information drawn from multiple data sources. Additionally, there is built-in functionality that allows users to automatically create pivot tables for more detailed analysis. By incorporating this useful tool, business analysts can significantly reduce the amount of time spent creating routine and ad hoc reports.

Epicor XL Connect 7 Benefits For The Business User

When it comes to the benefits of Epicor XL Connect 7 for the business user, activities take place in Excel and remain in excel. This delivers the familiarity of Office productivity while contributing to the Epicor data your teams need for business intelligence and analysis. The tool provides the ability to creates ad hoc reports, functions, and analysis while also giving more detail behind the numbers with the ability to drill down into data. Access to data is provided anytime, anywhere with fully interactive reports—even offline.

Epicor XL Connect 7 PDF (Download)

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