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Epicor Tax Connect Certificates Update

Epicor Tax Connect Certificates need to be updated in order for Epicor Tax Connect to function properly. If

Epicor Tax Connect Certificates need to be updated in order for Epicor Tax Connect to function properly. If you have found your Tax Connect services impacted, please reach out to Encompass Solutions support staff for help in implementing the latest certificates at:

Email: support@encompass-inc.com

Phone: +1-336-617-4556

Chat: Support at the bottom right of your screen

For more information, please read the statement from Epicor below.

Epicor Tax Connect Certificates Announcement

ERP 9.XX.XXX, Vantage 8.XX.XXX or Vista 8.XX.XXX customers are asked to read and act on the applicable Tax Connect certification documents before October 15, 2018.  Customers who do not successfully install the new certificates by October 15, 2018, are advised that Epicor Tax Connect will cease to operate on this date.

The .zip file, which contains the new Tax Connect certificates for the respective customer environment, may be downloaded from the Epicor FTP site below using EpicWeb login credentials (as opposed to EpicCare login credentials):

Important Things to Note

  • The ERP system administrator or IT resource will need to review the attached Tax Connect certificate install guides to determine which set of install instructions to use and which Tax Connect Certificates.zip file to obtain and use for the respective Epicor, Vantage or Vista environment.
  • Although the Tax Connect Certificate .zip files are posted to the Vantage folder of the FTP site, it is also the correct FTP site folder to download from for those who have Epicor 9.XX.XXX or Vista 8.XX.XXX.
  • The ERP 9 Tax Connect New SSL Certificates Oct 2018.zip file, for Epicor ERP 9 only, is a small file size and will download quickly. This file can also be sent to an email account which accepts .zip file attachments. Some customers’ business email servers are configured to quarantine email messages received with .zip file attachments. If this applies to the customer’s company, the file can be sent to a personal email address such as gmail.com, for example. The file can also be attached to EpicCare support cases.
  • The Tax Connect New SSL Certificates Oct 2018 OE101B.zip file, for Vantage 8.03.XXX and for Vista 8.03.XXX only, is a large file size of approximately 100MB. It will take an extended period of time to download from the FTP site with total download time required dependent on the speed of the customer’s internet connection. This file is too large to be emailed to customers or to be attached to EpicCare support cases.

If you do not feel comfortable applying the new Tax Connect certificates to their Epicor 9, Vantage 8 or Vista 8 system using the install instructions provided in the available documents, are asked to open a new support case on the EpicCare Customer Portal, select the Asset/Module of Tax Connect, and refer to either Tax Connect or Avalara in the Short Description (summary line) of the case so it will be assigned to the correct Support team (Third Party Products – Financial) without delay. Although Epicor will not install the new certificates for customers, we can provide additional guidance for customers who have obtained the applicable .zip file for their environments.

When opening a new support case with Epicor’s Tax Connect Support team to request Tax Connect certificate installation assistance, customers are asked to provide the following information for their respective company:

  • Your company’s account number (a 5-digit number we formerly referred to as site ID) or company name.
  • The name, phone number, and email address of the IT contact at the respective site whom we may contact to provide guidance.
  • Your company’s version of Epicor ERP, Vantage or Vista, which can be confirmed by logging into the application, opening any screen, and then clicking Help > About.

NoteIf your company uses Epicor ERP version 10.X, the company is all set and does not need to take any action.

  • Your company’s Progress Open Edge version which is used with Epicor ERP, Vantage or Vista.

For additional assistance in the certification process, you can contact your Encompass Solutions CAM directly or Encompass Solutions support via the link below, by phone (336-617-4556), and by live chat.

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