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Modern endpoint protection is designed to provide security against the latest threats no matter where the endpoint sits.

Modern endpoint protection is designed to provide security against the latest threats no matter where the endpoint sits. The Epicor Security Suite Capture Client, SonicWall®, protects your business endpoints from modern threats.

Capture Client’s integration with the Epicor Kinetic Capture Security Center creates a single pane of glass across network and endpoint security operations for centralized control of attack visualization, rollback and remediation, device control, and application vulnerability intelligence.

Why Choose Epicor Security Suite Capture Client?

The SonicWall Capture Client offers best-of-breed, next-generation antivirus protection with built-in autonomous endpoint detection and response. Not only does Capture Client excel in offering effective threat protection, but the synergy with the SonicWall platform also allows for increased visibility and protection both on and off-network. Help ensure your security is boundless with Capture Client’s protection and centralized management.

The ever-growing threat of ransomware and other malware-based attacks has proven that client protection solutions cannot be measured based solely on endpoint compliance. Traditional antivirus technology uses a long-embattled signature-based approach, which has failed to match the pace of emerging malware and evasion techniques.

Additionally, with the proliferation of telecommuting, mobility, and device portability, there is a dire need to deliver consistent protection and web policy enforcement for endpoints anywhere.
SonicWall Capture Client is a unified endpoint offering multiple protection capabilities. With a next-generation malware protection engine powered by SentinelOne®, Capture Client applies advanced threat protection techniques, such as machine learning, multi-engine sandbox integration, and system rollback.

The SonicWall cloud-based management console and global dashboard give MSSPs a snapshot into the health of their tenants within a global view. Administrators can see the health of each tenant which is measured by the number of infections, vulnerabilities present, the version of Capture Client installed, and what and who is being blocked the most by Content Filtering. The dashboard can distinguish which devices are online and operating as well.

An image of the Epicor Security Suite Capture Client Diagram

The management console also functions as an investigative platform to help identify the root cause of detected malware threats and provides actionable intelligence about how to prevent them from recurring.

Capture Client supports the Windows, Windows Server, macOS, and Linux operating systems.

Epicor Security Suite Capture Client Features

The Epicor Security Suite Capture Client is your next-generation endpoint protection to defend your business from modern cyber threats. The functionality of this solution includes:

  • Independent cloud-based management
  • Synergizes with SonicWall firewalls
  • Security policy enforcement
  • Continuous behavioral monitoring
  • Highly accurate determinations achieved through machine learning
  • Multiple layered heuristic-based techniques
  • Application vulnerability intelligence

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