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Epicor Quick Ship

The pace of order fulfillment is growing every day, and sales are happening faster than ever. That’s why

The pace of order fulfillment is growing every day, and sales are happening faster than ever. That’s why Epicor Quick Ship is becoming the preferred way to streamline shipping processes to better compete in today’s digital marketplace.

Epicor Quick Ship incorporates the Epicor Kinetic Design and Framework in a new web application. This delivers access to critical data for shipping and order fulfillment activities from anywhere. Quick Ship integrates seamlessly with your ERP to help you process shipping transactions quickly and efficiently.

When an order is pulled into the Customer Shipment Entry screen, Quick Ship contacts the selected carrier—via web API and retrieves the appropriate freight charges and tracking information based on the size, weight, dimensions, number of packages, and destination zip code.

That information then automatically appears in your ERP system. This lets you process any shipment using any licensed carrier from the same screen—ensuring you never have to leave your ERP solution to initiate a shipment. By auto-populating all the necessary information, you can also eliminate manual errors associated with copying the data from the carrier to the ERP system. Quick Ship then prints the carrier label and any additional paperwork required for the shipment.

Quick Ship offers rate shopping at the time of quote, order, or shipment to keep shipping costs low for your customers and to drive new loyalty for your business. Closing the loop, the calculated freight automatically flows back to Epicor for automated invoicing of freight charges.

Epicor Quick Ship Requirements

As a product built for Epicor ERP and Prophet 21, Epicor Quick Ship comes with a few prerequisites. For example, all environments implementing Epicor Quick Ship will need:

  • Epicor ERP release 10.1.500 or later
  • Packout Management

Epicor Quick Ship system requirements:

  • Windows 7 SPI (x86 and x64) and later
  • Windows Server 2012 and later
  • 300 MB of installed resources
  • 1 GHz or faster processor
  • 2 GB RAM
  • EPL or ZPL label printer
  • Laser Printer for forms

Epicor Quick Ship Benefits

The benefits that come with Epicor Quick Ship go beyond expedited processes and fewer errors associated with manual data entry. Epicor Quick Ship improves your bottom line performance, too. with spending reduction and better customer experiences, your business benefits greatly from this powerful tool. Epicor Quick Ship benefits include:

  • Reduce overall freight spend
  • Eliminate surcharges and fines
  • Streamline multiple tasks
  • Improved customer service
  • Easier onboarding and training

Epicor Quick Ship Key Features

Epicor quick ship provides a bounty of functionality that drive value and improve operations. from automating manual tasks to easy rate shopping and import tools, Epicor Quick Ship comes equipped with everything a manufacturer or distributor needs to run a modern shipping department.

Epicor Quick Ship key features include:

  • Seamless Integration with Epicor ERP
  • Support for multiple carriers/account numbers in one system
  • Rate Shopping (ability to compare real-time rates from carriers on one screen)
  • Data Mapping Tool
  • Bill of Lading Generation
  • Automated blind shipping
  • Automated email notification
  • Automated hazmat paperwork
  • The best way and routing guide
  • Configurable handling fees by customer or facility
  • Consolidated Shipments
  • EEI/ACE integration
  • HazMat paperwork
  • International shipments and documentation
  • Miscellaneous shipments
  • Postal shipping with Endicia
  • Print or email return labels
  • Rate Import Tool for Custom Carriers
  • Rate shopping
  • Support for non-U.S. origins in a single server deployment
  • Transfer orders

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