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Epicor Learning Program for Kinetic 2021.1 | Epicor Kinetic Education

There are significant changes to the Epicor Learning Program for Kinetic 2021.1.  The video below briefly covers the

There are significant changes to the Epicor Learning Program for Kinetic 2021.1.  The video below briefly covers the changes.

Epicor Learning Program: The Evolution of Education


Epicor Learning Program: The Next Generation Of Education From Epicor University, A Complete Training Experience

  • Epicor Learning License includes Full access to Epicor Learning Center with a deep catalog of video-based courses and Hands-On exercises, role-based learning paths, and the tools to quickly manage their entire training program.
  • Hands-on Courses are new! Hands-On is workshop-based courses for use with the Kinetic education database. They provide step-by-step instruction and hands-on practice exercises through real-world scenarios and are specifically designed to walk the learner through an actual in-product experience to help them master the Kinetic software. Hands-on exercises are also woven into role-based learning paths to accelerate adoption, develop skills, and build confidence for users.
  • All customers with an Embedded Ed license will have full access to Epicor Learning, ELC, and the full Learning Program.
  • Embedded Education has moved to sustain mode; the historical courses are available from classic help and ELC, but all new workshop-based courses will be developed as Hands-On.

All customers using Kinetic 2021.1 have access to the Help and Support Panel with help articles, quick answer videos, and guided learning; those with an Epicor Learning License get much more.

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