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Epicor Kinetic Announces 1,000th Cloud Customer Milestone

Recently Epicor reached a new cloud milestone: 1,000 Epicor Kinetic customers have chosen cloud. That’s over 82,000 daily

Recently Epicor reached a new cloud milestone: 1,000 Epicor Kinetic customers have chosen cloud. That’s over 82,000 daily users in 105 countries transacting over 100,000 jobs a day for over 1 million tasks a week.

Epicor has made it a goal to become “The cloud vendor of choice in the markets we serve.” This milestone represents Epicor and Encompass’ combined success in transitioning technology, business models, and culture to transform businesses to be successful in the cloud.

Customers and the market have taken notice. Recently, an Epicor Kinetic customer posted this statement in the peer reviews for Gartner,

“Switching to Epicor and as a SaaS has allowed us to advance our ability and continue our growth. It is completely scalable for our business and has been great for our ability to integrate our business processes.” Director of ERP Systems, Industry: Manufacturing, Firm Size: 50M-250M

The good news moving forward is that driving growth through cloud business propels us all forward at a higher velocity and offers new opportunities in the process.

Who is the 1,000th cloud customer on Epicor Kinetic?

VPI Technology Group is a multi-discipline technology firm, specializing in electronic design services, engineering, prototyping, certification and testing services, and electronics manufacturing. Epicor Solutions for Electronics and High Tech delivered what this service and manufacturing firm in the Electronics market needed. With rapid growth plans that include acquisition targets in the future, the need for ERPs to manage their distributed business became a priority. A key driver for their decision to choose Epicor Kinetic was our Government Cloud offering that supports their requirements for CMMC, simplifying their ability to stay in compliance with the Department of Defense (DOD).

“As a government contractor, it was essential to select an ERP that offered world-class security and compliance. Epicor Kinetic in Azure gives VPI many assurances. It can accommodate data subject to various US government regulations and requirements, allowing us to transform mission-critical workloads to the cloud.”

“Of all the systems our committee evaluated, Epicor Kinetic was rated as the most easy-to-navigate and easy-to-use system, which factored heavily into our ERP decision. The rich UI for the development and integration tools was also a key factor in our decision-making process.”

Jerry Scott, Chief Operating Officer | VPI Technology Group

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