a list of benefits provided by the epicor integrated service estimator

Boosting Profitability in the Service Bay

Automotive service providers thriving in today’s challenging economic climate often have one thing in common – a drive

Automotive service providers thriving in today’s challenging
economic climate often have one thing in common – a drive to pursue continuous
. Successful shops are always looking for ways to increase salesan image of the new Epicor integrated service estimator on display. and
revenue and give customers more reasons to remain loyal.  Shop professionals can see a powerful new
solution to this challenge in the Epicor booth at this week’s Automotive
Aftermarket Products Expo (AAPEX) in Las Vegas. That solution is the Epicor Integrated Service Estimator.

Epicor Integrated Service Estimator (ISE)

Epicor is expanding its presence in the automotive service
sector with each new generation of the powerful Epicor Integrated Service
Estimator (ISE)
web-based service estimating and parts sourcing solution. This
business-building tool provides shop professionals with instant, one-click
access to automotive parts information, pricing and local availability, as well
as labor information, OE service intervals and other critical information
needed to boost mechanical repair sales and bay productivity.

Epicor Integrated Service Estimator Expansion

By extending the Epicor Integrated Service
efficiency benefits to
technicians, the optional “Smart Inspection” mobile tool helps
service providers instantly capture and communicate the results of comprehensive,
guided vehicle inspections. This innovative new feature lets technicians use
tablet computers to photograph and record the condition of key vehicle systems
and components. They can then deliver this information to the customer in a
customized report and import the results to their shop’s point-of-sale system.

By providing quick access to more than 11 million parts from
over 7,800 manufacturer product lines, Epicor Integrated Service
allows users to expand into virtually any mechanical service category and create professional job estimates in as little as one minute. With the addition of our new Smart Inspection feature, the tool has become that much more powerful by giving technicians a way to help eliminate manual data input and offer consumers the information needed to make more informed decisions.

Already, ISE is helping thousands of automotive service, tire, and oil-and-lube businesses increase productivity and boost mechanical sales by allowing them to quickly and efficiently import parts, labor and pricing information into their estimates, work orders and invoices. And the new Smart Inspection tool is indicative of what many successful automotive service businesses already know – there is always room to improve.

Top 10 Benefits Of The Epicor Integrated Service Estimator

Automotive repair shops receive substantial benefits when utilizing the full potential of the Epicor Integrated Service Estimator™, which include.

  1. Expansion into virtually any mechanical service category through instant access to information on more than 10 million parts from over 7,800 manufacturer product lines
  2. Drive sales of high-value/high-margin jobs through an integrated database of OE-recommended service intervals
  3. Enabling service writers fast, confident and effective recommendations when providing add-on services by putting more information at their fingertips
  4. Save time on every estimate with one-click access to part details, photos, pricing, and local availability
  5. Elimination of estimating errors with documented parts and labor requirements for each job
  6. Closing more sales and impressing customers by quickly producing accurate, professionally printed mechanical estimates
  7. Completing estimates and repair orders in as little as one minute by eliminating the need to rekey parts and labor information
  8. Increasing bay and technician productivity by electronically confirming part availability through local suppliers
  9. Quickly creating comprehensive, accurate estimates on complex mechanical repairs through more than 400 custom job packages
  10. Avoid time-consuming software maintenance with a cloud-based architecture that ensures you’re always running the latest and best version Learn more about Integrated Service Estimator.

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