Epicor Update - epicor financial planner product release january 25 2022

Epicor Financial Planner Product Release January 25, 2022

Epicor has released numerous feature enhancements, bug fixes, and improvements. Below is a breakdown of each of those

Epicor has released numerous feature enhancements, bug fixes, and improvements. Below is a breakdown of each of those release updates that Epicor users can leverage as part of this Epicor Financial Management tool.

  1. Improved Speed on Copy Paste from Excel
    • The speed for copy-pasting from Excel to spreadsheets took longer for select users. The speed for performing copy paste has therefore been significantly improved.
  2. Improved Value formatting for Journal Entry lines
    • Value formatting for journal entry lines has been improved for an enhanced user experience.
  3. The improved Load speed of Organization & Workflow
    • For select users, loading organization & workflow took a few minutes. We have improved the load speed of the organization & workflow to aid in a faster way of working.
  4. Default measure automatically set for New Calculation
    • This was an enhancement request by some EFP subscribers where the default measure must always be automatically set for the new calculation to avoid delays in starting new calculations.
  1. Sums not shown in drill down
    • Sums are now shown correctly in drill down.
  2. Adding a new account to the input sheet
    • For select users, Adding Account was disabled in input sheets. This has now been fixed and the addition of accounts works as it should.
  3. Can ́t post when the difference is zero
    • For select instances, the posting was disabled when the difference was zero. This has now been fixed.
  4. Workflow & Assignment level & data access scroll issue
    • For select instances, there were scroll and data access issues in the assignment and workflow part. The scroll bar has now been fixed to work as it should.
  5. Missing values in variable margin bar line widget
    • The dashboard chart has been fixed and now shows the correct values.

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