an iamge of the epicor erp kinetic design framework as revealed during epicor ignite 2020 and epicor kinetic workshops

Epicor ERP Kinetic User Experience Testing Program

As we continue making progress through the Kinetic journey, more reports and processes are available to our customers

As we continue making progress through the Kinetic journey, more reports and processes are available to our customers to test and provide important feedback that shapes Epicor ERP Kinetic innovations. Providing early access helps us drive user adoption among Epicor ERP Cloud and On-premise customers.

The program has been designed and developed to engage with customers and work through Kinetic based workflows by individual personas.

For Encompass, the goals of the program are to help us become Kinetic champions, drive customer adoption, and provide us with additional opportunities to engage with customers and help them through the Kinetic transformation journey.

For Epicor users, this is their chance to have their opinions heard as subject matter experts to inform the overall design of the tools, and their governing processes, and to make sure Kinetic is a product that works for them.

Epicor ERP Kinetic User Experience Program Outline

A brief outline of how the Epicor ERP Kinetic User Experience Program is structured can be viewed below.


Survey and Record user’s kinetic experience and report our observations working within the same framework as a Certified Epicor Partner on the following components:

  • Navigation
  • Content
  • Presentation
  • Performance

The effort is focused on change management and the new Kinetic design framework/user interface that Epicor will be rolling out in future releases.

The data this program seeks to capture and use to inform the evolution of the Kinetic Design Framework:

Comparison to legacy interface

  • Performance
  • Functionality
  • Usability

On user Adoption and buy-in

  • Are users “in” when it comes to the functionality provided by the current system?
  • If not, what needs to change to get buy-in?

Metrics/KPIs from which to draw insight

  • Task completion
  • Time on task
  • Sentiment

Currently Completed Epicor ERP Kinetic Personas

Personas are synonymous with a professional’s role within a company. The following personas are complete or nearly complete in terms of the functionality of Kinetic form and workflow design.


  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Tax Accountant
  • Treasurer
  • CFO
  • General Accountant/Controller


  • Shipping
  • Inventory Manager
  • Warehouse Manager


  • Planner/Scheduler


  • Project Manager

Many dozens more personas are remaining that are being developed and will require future testing. They will be added to the program as soon as they are at least 80% complete.

How To Participate In The Epicor ERP Kinetic User Experience Program

Following our invitation, users will need to confirm their interest to participate with their Customer Account Manager (CAM).

Following confirmation, users will then receive instructions from the Encompass Solutions, Inc. (ESI) development team on how to gain access to the development environment and proceed with testing.

This participation requests certain recording activities (webcam and audio sharing) and consents to inform the overall user experience when working with these newly developed tools, but webcam and audio recordings are not required for participation. Screen recording is required as a component of the program to track the user’s progress through the Kinetic workflows and inform further development and improve the overall user experience.

The Process will be split into four sections, which are as follows:

  • Review Prerequisites – For a customer to review before beginning, screen recording software (required), webcam and audio sharing (optional), program guide and overview documents review, printer access (optional), test environment 10.2.700 or higher (higher versions have more forms available), access to the internet (Chrome browser), 1 hour per persona activity.
  • Demographics – A LinkID will be created to be linked to the persona, testing, and surveys.
  • Persona tests – Testing activities
  • Exit survey – Final thoughts and feedback

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