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Epicor ERP Cloud Solutions

The Epicor ERP cloud framework is one that modern businesses are increasingly looking toward with an interest in

The Epicor ERP cloud framework is one that modern businesses are increasingly looking toward with an interest in more agile and efficient operations. Lending the environment necessary to deliver leading intelligent ERP software to businesses all over the world, cloud ERP systems are not a fringe fad, but the platforms of the future.

Epicor ERP Cloud Features

As with many other cloud-based technologies, Epicor ERP cloud deployments deliver access from anywhere, at any time. The impacts on productivity and performance can be realized almost immediately. Designed to fit a business’s unique needs and industry requirements, Epicor ERP Cloud users reap the benefits of modern tools built for a modern workforce.

Want to simplify your company’s technology landscape? Cloud ERP features a distilled technology profile to reduce the costs a business incurs with upfront purchasing and ongoing maintenance of in-house hardware. This leaves more room for IT teams to focus on internal projects and improvements. Not to mention, Epicor delivers one of the most trusted and secure ERP cloud solutions that are easy to deploy, use, scale, and extend.

an image of the epicor erp cloud and Microsoft azure logos

The Cloud ERP trifecta consists of security, performance, and innovation. Incorporating these essential three concepts continually, Epicor ERP on Azure keeps your business data protected and your competitive edge strong.

“Microsoft’s focus on the ‘Intelligent Cloud’ and ‘Intelligent Edge’ complement our customer-centric focus. We looked at several public cloud options. Microsoft Azure offers the best foundation for building and deploying enterprise business applications that will enable our customers’ businesses to adapt and grow. Today, we are seeing more than three-quarters of prospects ask about cloud ERP. As that deployment model becomes the norm, we are ready to enable our customers to move to the cloud with confidence leveraging the reliability, security, and scalability of Microsoft Azure.”
-Steve Murphy, CEO, Epicor

The Great Migration To Cloud ERP

By staying abreast of the most innovative and forward-thinking technologies available to businesses, it is more likely for a business to succeed in growth and remain competitive. Clinging to manual, disconnected processes makes it increasingly difficult for a business to do exactly that.

The great migration to cloud platforms is well underway and businesses leading the movement are already reaping the benefits. IT operations, inventory management, product manufacturing, and keeping mobile workforces connected are all part of the equation. The result is increased development in even more efficient and powerful technologies, including big data analytics, robotics, eCommerce, digitization, Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity, and more. Microsoft Azure and Epicor ERP work together to deliver an enterprise-grade global cloud platform that is value-driven and cost-effective.

What Is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is an open, flexible, and enterprise-grade public cloud computing platform. It serves more than 50 regions globally and leads the industry in security and privacy standards. With hundreds of data centers around the world and millions of servers, Microsoft Azure is the leading, most trusted public cloud platform for the enterprise. Epicor leverages this proven foundation to build and deploy enterprise business applications that enable your business to adapt and grow.

“Standardizing cloud deployment of its world-class manufacturing and distribution solutions on Microsoft Azure is a natural step for Epicor with its history of leveraging forward-looking technology to deliver the utmost value to its customers. With Epicor solutions running in the cloud, customers will reap the benefits of greater agility, faster innovation, and favorable economics of Azure as they embrace digital transformation.”
-David Willis, Corporate Vice President Microsoft

Learn More About Microsoft Azure And Epicor ERP Cloud Options

For a complete breakdown of the Epicor Cloud deployment options available with Microsoft Azure, download the free brochure: Download

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