an image of the epicor erp cloud 10.2.500 update

Epicor ERP Cloud 10.2.500 Update

The second of two release upgrades planned for 2019, the Epicor ERP Cloud 10.2.500 Update is part of

The second of two release upgrades planned for 2019, the Epicor ERP Cloud 10.2.500 Update is part of the regular cloud ERP update cadence and commitment to helping businesses grow through the innovation of the Epicor Cloud ERP solution. Major releases like this bring greater usability, performance, and strategic value in a single upgrade. That’s why users are given 4 weeks to test in Pilot and explore the changes before upgrading the live production system.

Epicor ERP Cloud 10.2.500 Update Highlights

The Epicor ERP Cloud 10.2.500 update can be distilled into four different categories of change, Experiences, Industry, Analytics, and Cloud tools.


  • Epicor Virtual Agent Skills
  • Kinetic Epicor Collaborate
  • Kinetic Mobile Warehouse
  • Enhanced Mobile Time & Expense
  • Epicor Kinetic Preview


  • Epicor Service Pro
  • Mattec MES 8.3 Integration
  • Finance Enhancements
  • Country-Specific Functionalities


  • Enhanced Epicor Data Discovery
  • Epicor Data Analytics
  • personalization


  • System Notifications
  • New Cloud Status Webpage
  • Canada Datacenters
  • Epicor Functions

Epicor Collaborate

A new offering from Epicor Software Corp., Epicor Collaborate provides enhanced cloud-based business collaboration. So, what does that mean for the end-user and business as a whole? Epicor Collaborate provides:

  • Improved communication and collaboration among your teams
  • Easy to use and intuitive interfaces
  • Engagement with colleagues using familiar social media concepts
  • Easy following of relevant ERP entities
  • Viewing of notifications and feeds in your homepage

Epicor Virtual Agent (EVA)

A unique AIexperience that improves the overall usability of the Epicor System from desktop and mobile devices, Epicor Virtual Agent (EVA) delivers intelligence personified for Epicor ERP systems. The tool made its first appearance in the Epicor ERP 10.2.400 update. EVA is a conversational digital agent available on Android and iOS devices. Utilizing Azure-enabled Natural Language Processing (NLP). In the 10.2.500 update, new skills have been added and the free-trial has been extended to December 31, 2019.

An image of the epicor virtual agent eva epicor erp cloud 10.2.500 update

Epicor Mobile Warehouse

Epicor Mobile Warehouse has received a facelift with the Epicor Kinetic design system. Epicor Mobile Warehouse is a modern and intuitive app. It provides workflow optimization for fast and accurate scanning. Time to process transactions is reduced alongside the instance of errors. Accuracy is also increased, as a result. The application provides bin-level validation as well as complex sorting and filtering options. What’s more, the application is fully integrated with Epicor ERP.

An image of the epicor mobile warehouse epicor erp cloud 10.2.500 update


Enhanced Mobile Time and Expense

want to increase efficiency and throughput for teams on-the-go? The Epicor ERP enhanced mobile time and expense module empowers teams with offline tools to get work done when unconnected. Then, when connections resume, automatic sync delivers the updates needed to communicate progress. Enhanced mobile time and expense allows users to:

  • create timesheets or expense reports in offline mode
  • Auto-sync offline changes when you go online
  • Leverage new file types to manage attachments in cloud
  • Add Time Reporting against Maintenance Jobs
  • Utilize enhanced mobile time and expense on both iOS and Android devices

An image of the epicor mobile time and expense epicor erp cloud 10.2.500 update

Epicor Kinetic Framework

The Epicor Kinetic framework transforms how customers interact with Epicor ERP software, making them more productive by simplifying everyday tasks. Kinetic is more than a modern look and
feel and intuitive user interface, it also aims to automate the most critical business process functions. The Kinetic design is a simple, intelligent, modern and consistent look and feel for your Epicor ERP system.

An image of the epicor kinetic framework epicor erp cloud 10.2.500 update

The Kinetic preview program is now available. Take advantage of this exclusive opportunity to gain early access to Kinetic and get:

  • Get familiar with its intuitive user interface and benefit from improved performance
  • Test drive 600+ high demand reports and processes at no cost
  • Provide feedback that will help shape the future releases of Kinetic
  • Once the preview period is completed, benefit from a faster installation of the full product with the 10.2.600 release

Contact your Customer Account Manager for more information.

New And Improved Epicor ERP Analytics Tools

Epicor Personalized Analytics Tools give you the power to gain more insights that matter. Additionally, Epicor Data Discovery has been “kineticized” for greater usability. Epicor Data Analytics now supports custom views and dashboards grids, as well.

An image of the epicor data analytics epicor erp cloud 10.2.500 update

Epicor Service Pro

Service work is never centralized and a constant source of hiccups for those businesses without a sounds system to keep everything organized. Epicor has advanced these tools for users to streamline services with a service-oriented architecture. In particular, Epicor Service Pro delivers the tools to:

  • Efficiently schedule work, dispatch, and track technicians
  • Integrate with inventory and financial systems
  • Incorporate time-saving automation tools that streamline service calls, quoting, work order management, service contracts, and more
  • Leverage easy-to-use mobile service app for field technicians

Epicor ERP Cloud and Mattec MES 8.3

The latest Mattec MES offers improved data integration for a seamless experience. The latest update includes a redesigned integration utilizing RESTful API services for greater performance, SSRS reporting and support for Epicor IoT. Additionally, Epicor ERP Mattec MES efficiency in scheduling, allocation of jobs to machines, and production reporting have been improved.

Epicor ERP Finance Enhancements

Increasing accuracy, speed, and security, Epicor ERP finance tools are among the best in the industry. With the Epicor ERP Cloud 10.2.500 update, users can take advantage of:

  • CRE Support for Level 3 Compliance to optimize credit card payment validation with deep transaction security information
  • Resolve bank receipt file import performance
  • Enhancements in Electronic Compliance Engine

New Epicor Country-Specific Functionality

Several critical updates to ten countries’ functionality have been included in the Epicor ERP Cloud 10.2.500 update. These countries are:

  • Argentina
  • China
  • Colombia
  • India
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Malaysia
  • Mexico
  • Portugal

New Epicor ERP Functions

The Next Evolution of Epicor BPM’s are here and users will be happy to learn they have enhanced tools with:

  • Familiar BPM Designer Experience
  • A new way of server-side customization
  • Eliminated copy and paste BPM logic
  • Integrations that upgrade seamlessly

Epicor ERP Standards REST-based approach couldn’t be easier to work with. That’s because the logic is not built on the client and is called via REST, any device, OS, etc can call the function (ie. a calculation, integration, etc.)

Epicor ERP Cloud Regions

The Epicor Cloud Infrastructure has added an additional data center in North America. Epicor-administered data centers include:

  • Australia
  • Canada (New)
  • Singapore
  • United Kingdom
  • United States x 3

An image of the epicor cloud data centers epicor erp cloud 10.2.500 update

Epicor Cloud Communication

Epicor strives for clear communication with customers through in-app or email communications. As a result, Email address on the In-app user profile is now where you enter your preferred communication email address. Need to update your notification preferences? Access your profile from the System Monitor, within the Action Menu.

Epicor ERP Cloud Status Webpage

As the name implies, Epicor has erected a Cloud Status webpage to communicate the status of cloud infrastructure on a global level. The status for all Epicor Cloud products can be found at

Embedded Education Courses

Epicor ERP Cloud 10.2.500 Embedded Education features 40 new courses and several updated. This includes cloud-specific training on:

• Epicor ERP in the Cloud first steps
• Epicor Support and Cloud Operational Excellence
• Leveraging the Unique Business Component Tracker to Manage You Customizations During an Upgrade

For more information on the Epicor ERP Cloud 10.2.500 update, connect with your Encompass Solutions Customer Account Manager.

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