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Epicor ERP Case Study – Solarvest Holdings Berhad

Solarvest Holdings Berhad is one of the market leaders in Malaysia’s nascent but growing solar photovoltaic energy industry.

Solarvest Holdings Berhad is one of the market leaders in Malaysia’s nascent but growing solar photovoltaic energy industry. Since its founding in 2012, the company has established itself as a household name in the residential solar business but has since expanded its commercial/industrial and utility-scale segments. Once a four-man company, Solarvest has grown into an impressive mid-sized business—they currently manage a staff of about 180 people and in 2018, the company raked in RM112 million in revenue.

Solarvest operates in the solar industry’s Engineering, Procurement Construction & Commissioning (EPCC) segment, and has become well-known for its capabilities across a whole range of project sizes. The company’s agile and experienced team has been involved in building not just large-scale infrastructure for commercial clients, but also smaller solar plants for residential homes. Solarvest provides end-to-end expertise in engineering and project managing clients’ projects, as well as round-the-clock customer support.

Success Highlights


  • Managing a diverse range of offerings and operations
  • Working with many different market segments, using several different platforms
  • Trying to remain cost-effective, whilst being flexible to keep up with market needs


  • Processes are more streamlined, with information easier to communicate
  • The entire companies information databases were digitized and brought onto a single platform
  • Reduce operational bottlenecks and mitigate the risk of human error
  • Boost productivity, resulting in taking on more projects


  • Epicor® ERP



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