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Epicor ERP 10.2.400 Update | Cloud ERP Solutions For Manufacturers

The Epicor ERP 10.2.400 update is the first of two major upgrades planned for 2019. Epicor’s cloud ERP solution

The Epicor ERP 10.2.400 update is the first of two major upgrades planned for 2019. Epicor’s cloud ERP solution update cadence is a commitment to helping businesses grow through innovation at a manageable pace in-line with manufacturing industry trends. Major releases like this bring benefits of cloud deployment to customers in the form of improved usability, enhanced performance and profitability, and strategic value within a single upgrade. Because of the size and breadth of the Epicor ERP 10.2.400 update, 4 weeks have been allotted to test and explore these updates before upgrading customers’ production system. Now is the time to be testing end-to-end, as the update will be released in full to cloud users on May 16, 2019. The Epicor ERP 10.2.400 update for on-premise users will follow later this month. If you’re trying to choose the best cloud ERP solution for your manufacturing business, consider evaluating Epicor Cloud ERP today.

Epicor ERP 10.2.400 Update And Product Roadmap

Among the changes coming with the 10.2.400 update, users can expect to enjoy full use of and coming functionality that includes:



  • Enhanced Project Management
  • Epicor Mobile Warehouse
  • Supplier Portal
  • MES Expansion
  • Epicor IoT


  • Epicor Data Analytics Expansion
  • Epicor Data Discovery Expansion

Future (2019-2020)

  • UX Uplift (ongoing) Mobile Apps
  • ISV Partner Ecosystem
  • Compliance Engine
  • Enhanced BI/Analytics
  • Connected Enterprise


Epicor Virtual Agent (EVA)

Marketed as ERP Intelligence personified, Epicor Virtual Agent (EVA) utilizes Artificial Intelligence to deliver real-time insights and suggestions based on your Epicor system data. As a new feature, a purchase may be required depending on your current contract with Epicor.

  • Conversational digital agent
  • Azure-enabled, including Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Available for iOS and Android in May 2019

Order Entry Automation

The new functionality enables your organization to capture sales orders and reduce manual order entry and errors through the use of automation. As a new solution, a purchase may be required depending on your current contract with Epicor.

  • Captures customer purchase order data from inbound emails, scanned documents
  • Validates orders, then flows into Sales Order Entry
  • Leverages DocStar and Intelligent Data Capture with Epicor ERP
  • A solution aptly suited for repetitive actions and orders

Job Scheduling Board

Leverage enhanced usability with a modern, Gantt-based view of your scheduling board.

  • Faster and easier to use
  • New look and feel of one of the most frequently viewed screens
  • Leverages Kinetic System to provide modern customer experience


Enhanced Project Management

Provide key stakeholders with timely financial information to ensure profitability. As a new solution, a purchase may be required depending on your current contract with Epicor.

  • Revenue recognition by WBS Phase
  • Improved visibility into project stage completion percentage
  • Delivers real-time project analysis through EDA.

Epicor Advanced Projects adds significantly more functionality with:

  • Extended Epicor ERP 10 standard Project Module
    • Three new modules:
      • Advanced Project Management
      • Advanced Contract Order Management
      • Advanced Sub-contract Management
  • Available late 2019 in collaboration with Epicor partner Precise

Epicor Mobile Warehouse

Leverage this next-generation mobile handheld for warehouse and distribution. As a new solution, a purchase may be required depending on your current contract with Epicor.

  • Provides workflow optimization for fast and accurate scanning
  • Part and bin level validation and complex sorting and filtering options
  • Reduces time to process transactions, increases accuracy, and reduces errors
  • Available on Android, fully integrated to Epicor ERP

Supplier Portal

Manage supplier relationships, enter purchase transactions, and process RFQs. As a new solution, a purchase may be required depending on your current contract with Epicor.

  • Built on Commerce Connect
  • REST-based communication between Supplier Portal And Epicor ERP for flexibility, security, and performance
  • E10 Credit Card module is no longer required to process fully paid credit card orders

MES Expansion

Utilize a modern refresh to improve the usability of popular MES screens.

  • Provides users with a functional and visual approach that transforms how to shop users interact with the system
  • Simplified workflow and modern look and feel with anywhere access
  • Common interface with Mattec Advanced MES Human-Machine Interface (HMI)

Epicor IoT

Leverage IoT connectivity to acquire and analyze device data from across your organization. As a new solution, a purchase may be required depending on your current contract with Epicor. The workflow is simple and follows this simple logic:

IoT-enabled sensors send their readings to the IoT Hub > Epicor ERP reads events from the IoT Hub > Epicor creates a new maintenance order suggestion > Maintenance department approves suggestion and scheduled maintenance.

  • Epicor IoT is integrated with the Microsoft Azure IoT Hub
  • Monitor and visualize data from sensors including
    • Equipment
    • Assets
    • Inventory Locations
    • Environmental factors


Data Analytics Expansion

This EDA expansion further provides insights into projects and production management. As a new solution, a purchase may be required depending on your current contract with Epicor.

  • New content packs for field service and preventive maintenance
  • Updated content packs for production and project management, materials management, and Mattec MES

Data Discovery Expansion

  • New sidebar display that allows users to work and see EDD views at the same time
  • “Open with” feature to open Epicor ERP forms and trackers in context
  • EDD Discovery Dashboard widget as a tab on Active Home Page
  • EDD IoT widget to alert decision-makers on what needs attention on the shop floor

New Reports

New Inventory and general ledger reports are available with the Epicor ERP 10.2.400 update.


  • The New Stock movement report prints movements in and out per warehouse summarized for a given period
  • New Stock Aging Report prints the current stock on hand by part, UOM, age of stock, and value of the aged stock


  • New Booking Voucher report and the Booking Voucher FC report print journal transactions for a selected year and period range. The reports display a separate page for each document or voucher

Enhanced Homepage

An enhanced homepage experience comes equipped with new widgets, layouts, and overall feel of interfaces of Epicor ERP screens.

  • New Widgets Available
    • Discovery Dashboards – A Data Discovery Dashboard is a collection of several views, that enables you to compare a variety of data simultaneously
    • Discovery IoT Widget – Use this widget to view the current status of the IoT (Internet of Things) Devices
    • Web Applications – Use this widget to host web applications, primarily kinetic-based applications, such as Manufacturing Execution System (MES) forms, scheduling boards, and others
  • Default Layout
    • You can pick a default layout that will be loaded for all users who do not have their layout
    • New Kinetic Style brings the new look to all your ERP screens
      • Kinetic features:
        • Quick Access Panel
          • Enables widgets on most of your master table and transaction screens
          • Enabled from the options menu perform
          • Can be used to keep key information handy
        • In-app icon
          • In-app messages have an icon on the homepage notifying you of unread messages

10.2.400 Update Webcast

You can watch the latest update webcast, here.

For more information on the Epicor ERP 10.2.400 Update, contact the ERP experts at Encompass Solutions using the Contact Us link below.

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