an image depicting a software update for epicor erp 10.2.400 update

Epicor ERP 10.2.400 Coming Soon 

What’s New in Epicor ERP 10.2.400? A lot is going on behind the scenes at Epicor and the

What’s New in Epicor ERP 10.2.400? A lot is going on behind the scenes at Epicor and the latest release will feature many improvements. You’ll be able to take advantage of several new components of the system as well as improvements to existing modules and tools.

an image depicting a clourd software update for epicor erp 10.2.400

Epicor ERP 10.2.400 Key Features

While the Epicor ERP 10.2.400 update will feature an extensive list of fixes, features, and tools, here is a list of the biggest items being introduced:

  • Introduction of Epicor Voice Agent
  • New functionality to enhance the customer experience including automated order entry and omnichannel learning
  • Refresh and redesign mobile time and expense, job scheduling boards, and MES screens
  • Deeper project management capabilities and real-time project analysis through Epicor Data Analytics
  • New common shop floor interface to Mattec Advanced MES via HMI
  • Introduction of Supplier Portal, which enables customers to better collaborate with suppliers
  • Introduction of Epicor IoT, a module of Epicor ERP integrated with the Microsoft Azure IoT Hub that can monitor and visualize data from sensors and other Epicor products

You can expect more news about the Epicor ERP 10.2.400 later this month and in early May. Contact Encompass Solutions below for more information.

The last Epicor ERP update to be released was Epicor ERP 10.2.300. It is life and generally available to users. Epicor Software Corporation officially announced the release of its latest version of Epicor ERP (10.2.300) in October of 2018. Click the link to read more about the Epicor ERP 10.2.300 software update.

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