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Your Advanced MES real-time display shows your dashboards for the current shift and current job. But what if

Your Advanced MES real-time display shows your dashboards for the current shift and current job. But what if you want to capture that data for long-term trending analysis? The solution is Epicor Data Analytics (EDA), powered by Phocas™, which helps manufacturing operations turn their accumulated data into actionable insights. It helps them look beyond the long-term or short-term overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) measures to focus on the specific components—plant, department, machine, shift, part, etc.—that are causing losses to the company.

Visualizing Operational Data Trends

From the top floor to the shop floor, it’s important to know how your business is performing at all times. That’s why Epicor built a powerful, out-of-the-box reporting and analytics system that delivers important information in easy-to-digest dials, graphs, and charts.

EDA is a cloud-based, easy-to-use solution that can quickly contribute to your business while helping you avoid error-prone approaches such as spreadsheets and manual calculations that often waste time and resources. It also stays up-to-date with the daily stored changes of your production trend monitoring.

EDA provides customizable and interactive dashboards to make it easy to analyze the short-term and long-term data trends related to your production equipment. The dashboards provide visual graphs, charts, and tables, so you can quickly review important information about your production performance and make informed strategic decisions. The EDA grid is where you conduct most of your analysis—and unlike a spreadsheet, you can “drill down” into the data with a simple click to reveal additional details.

EDA is a comprehensive end-to-end service delivered and supported by Epicor. It is fully integrated with Advanced MES using your data to provide a broad understanding of your production performance. As a cloud-based service, EDA minimizes costs for your IT head-count and current system hardware, software, and maintenance budgets. Because you are accessing it in the cloud, you will always have the latest and greatest version of EDA.

With EDA, you have responsive mobile access to your data, so you are never disconnected from your information. “Always connected” means you can respond quickly to the needs of your business and keep your operations highly productive

Benefits and Key Features of EDA for Advanced MES

Among the many benefits manufacturers experience through the use of EDA for Advanced MES are the ability to:

  • Drive improvements based on data – not opinions
  • Understand OEE trends and target areas for improvement
  • Visually spot anomalies, and drill down into transactional detail to find the source
  • Enable employees to access and tailor visualizations in a self-service capacity
  • Reduce time wasted gathering and organizing production data

Key Features

  • Made for Manufacturers
  • Offers fast implementation
  • Fast, flexible, and easy to learn
  • Integrated with Epicor Advanced MES plus other data sources of your choosing
  • Keeps you connected with mobile access
  • Delivered as a complete, scalable cloud service – no hardware required
  • Does not require Advanced MES user licenses
  • Public internal dashboards feature provides a live display link
  • Does not require Advanced MES user licenses

Content Packs

EDA includes an out-of-the-box connection to Advanced MES, which means fast implementation and fast ROI. Without it, your alternative would be to manually connect to the data schema and determine what data to bring into the analytics solution, which could be a daunting, months-long process. Instead, we provide starter dashboards that you can easily clone and modify. You can also choose our extended content packs that are available and you also have the freedom to build onto the content pack with any additional fields from Advanced MES and augment from any other data sources.

Build your dashboards or take advantage of prebuilt content packs that include:

  • Key performance indicators
  • Plant comparisons
  • Scrap dashboards
  • Downtime dashboards
  • Mean-time dashboards
  • OEE dashboards
  • Availability dashboards
  • Performance dashboards
  • Mean-time between failures
  • Mean-time to failure
  • Mean-time to repair
  • Schedule views
  • Shift production reports
  • Tool change views
  • Tool requirements views
  • Machine parameter views
  • Material needs views
  • Material used views
  • Maintenance views
  • Operator metrics
  • Top 10 dashboards
  • Cavitation efficiency displays
  • Cycles out of spec dashboards
  • Engineering dashboards
  • Help call metrics
  • Incident log views
  • Utilization metrics
  • Job production views
  • Machine scoreboards
  • Energy usage views


Epicor Data Analytics is available for Advanced MES Version 8.2.4 and higher. The lightweight SYNC application and one instance of data are stored on a local server with the majority residing in the cloud. Extra disk space is recommended that is 2.5 to 3 times the disk space of the data being loaded to the cloud. The only items required for subscription purchase are a starter pack of five named users (plus additional named users as desired). The Public Internal Dashboards feature requires a minimum of fifteen EDA-named users. All other necessary components, such as Advanced MES content and the SYNC application are included as well as some Epicor ERP content.

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