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Epicor Advanced Requisition Management (ARM) v10.3 SP5 Release

The latest release of Epicor Advanced Requisition Management (ARM), v10.3 SP5, is here! In addition to features incorporated

The latest release of Epicor Advanced Requisition Management (ARM), v10.3 SP5, is here! In addition to features incorporated as part of Epicor ERP’s scheduled product roadmap, the updates in this release have been influenced by requests received from Epicor ARM customers. Email notification enhancements, mandatory attachments and updates to standing orders are just some of the features incorporated in this release to enhance the overall ARM experience.

What is Epicor Advanced Requisition Management?

Epicor Advanced Requisitions Management (ARM) is an online workflow and purchase requisition tool which enables organizations to gain visibility and control over their procurement spending and reduce their purchasing costs.

Epicor ARM automates and streamlines the procurement process, utilizing a web browser to integrate with and extend the Epicor Purchasing module. Multiple approval methods provide a flexible framework that can be configured to meet the requirements of any organization.

New Features And Enhancements In Epicor ARM 10.3 SP5

  • Multiple Approver Node ‘Require All’ Function (E7/10) – A new checkbox option is now available when editing a node that allows for the selection of multiple approvers in an approval tree. When ticked, the submitted document will require all approvers configured on the node to approve it in order to progress up to the next approval node. A single rejection will result in a rejected outcome.
  • AP Location and Category Approval Trees (E10) – Epicor ARM now supports ‘Location’ and ‘Category’ approval trees for AP (Accounts Payable).
  • Email Approvals (E7/10) – Epicor ARM approvals have been enhanced to allow users to approve/reject directly from the notification email.
  • New Validation Rule: Mandatory Attachment (E7/10) – A new validation rule has been added which (when activated) requires a user to upload an attachment to the requisition before it can be submitted for approval.
  • Catalogue Default View (E7/10) – A new setting has been introduced which defaults the Catalogue search view to either Grid, List or Table format.
  • Auto Purchase Order for New Vendors (E10) – By default, purchase Orders are now automatically created upon approval of requisitions, for new vendors. This setting can be changed via vendor settings.
  • Project Budget calculation in Standard Epicor Project/Non-APM Setup (E10) – Epicor ARM now supports the ability to calculate project budgets using either WBS (work breakdown structure) Phases or Project Costs analysis in a Non-APM setup.
  • Standing Order Due Date (E10) – The due date for orders that are generated from a standing order is now configurable in Epicor ARM.
  • Support for Vendor ID Changes in Epicor (E10) – When a Vendor ID in Epicor is changed, Epicor ARM automatically updates with the new Vendor ID.
  • Auto-Email Failure Notifications (E7/10) – Epicor ARM now provides email bounce back notifications for the auto-email functionality.
  • Auto Email Notifications Supported on Auto-Approve Nodes (E7/10) – A new setting has been introduced allowing email notifications to be sent to Approvers whose approval tree nodes are flagged with the ‘Auto-Approve’ option.

Contact Your Encompass CAM for further details on all these updated features.

Epicor Advanced Requisition Management 10.3 SP5 Upgrade eligibility

Epicor ARM 10.3 SP5 is compatible with Epicor 10 and 7.4 SP7. Existing ARM customers have the option to upgrade to ARM 10.3 SP5 at any time, and while many of the features of the latest releases cater predominantly to Epicor 10 users, customers do not necessarily need to be on the latest version of Epicor to implement ARM now. Contact your Encompass Customer Account Manager for more information.

Users upgrading to Epicor ARM 10.3 SP5 should note the following: If you are upgrading from ARM versions 10.0 SP6, ARM 10.1.0, ARM 10.1 SP1 – SP4, you must run the Upgrade Manager to migrate data so that it will be compatible with the enhanced Approvals Process that was introduced in ARM 10.1 SP6.

If you are upgrading from ARM 10.1 SP5 you do not need to run the Upgrade Manager to migrate your data. It will already be compatible with the enhanced Approvals Process (introduced in ARM 10.1 SP6).

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