Manufacturers and distributors all face the challenges of remaining competitive in a continually evolving industrial landscape. From managing the day-to-day of the office to keeping up with production needs on the shop floor, Encompass’ consultants and ERP specialists deliver the systems and support needed to outpace the competition. Ditch the spreadsheets and manual processes that are slowing the growth of your business. Here are our prospective customers’ most frequently asked questions in a convenient Encompass Solutions FAQ.

Who Are Encompass Solutions, Inc.?

Encompass Solutions, Inc. is a business consulting and ERP software implementation firm comprised of finance, manufacturing and distribution professionals, software developers, and veteran sales staff. With experts located around the world possessing more than 250 years of combined experience, we are equipped with the tools and techniques to bring businesses into their next stage of growth and beyond.

Our staff come from accounting, technology, and manufacturing backgrounds, giving our teams unique insight into the problems you and your colleagues face. Placing special focus on your unique business, we craft our recommendations and approach to based on the unique needs identified by your teams and ours.

We are a Certified Gold Partner of Epicor and a Value-Added Reseller (VAR) of their enterprise software and third-party solutions for manufacturers and distributors.

What Is A VAR?

As Value-Added Resellers (VARs), our staff occupy a unique position as industry experts, often having worked many years in specific manufacturing and distribution verticals before becoming part of the Encompass team. Our consultants, developers, and sales staff play important roles in every stage of the manufacturing ecosystem. How a company leverages our expertise and services is dependent upon its unique needs and resources.

A VAR can be more useful than an independent contractor or Vendor for many reasons. The first of which is specialization. Encompass not only excels at implementing and maintaining ERP systems, but we also understand the unique processes and challenges of our focused industries. Additionally, our experience and resources allow us to research, test, and implement technology solutions more efficiently than a small or medium business can do on their own. Often times, we will already have had extensive experience with companies in your vertical at various stages of growth. That perspective gives us the ability to anticipate and recommend a course of action based on your businesses unique goals and stage of evolution.

As VARs, we are also not burdened with the same bureaucracy as a Vendor. This means generally faster turnaround time on tickets and development requests. Also, turnover within corporate entities is generally much higher than that of a VAR. This means your company won’t be passed around to new account managers or developers every year or two. Encompass makes it a point to ensure clients can expect dependable quality in regard to the services they receive.

What Makes Encompass Solutions Unique?

On of Encompass’ key differentiators is our expertise in all things manufacturing and distribution, not just software. We are leading experts in many areas, but also practical and demonstrated with that expertise. We are living, breathing SME’s in many areas.

Encompass has proven genuine interest in our customers and prospects in all situations. We have responded with urgency when needed and remained engaged on escalations until there was a clear resolution. Our leadership team works hand in hand with team members in all areas of the business and stays tuned in all the time.

As a partner, Encompass is dependable and transparent no matter what the relationship, be it with customers, Epicor, and other industry peers.

We have a well-rounded, highly skilled team of senior and associate consultants. As a customer-facing organization we are aligned with the needs of the market and have made continuous improvement in making available what the market demands. We have always specialized to fill technology gaps like EDI. We progressively look for and strive to develop new technology to that end. We always look for ways to be better and more customer-centric.

Who Does Encompass Work With?

Encompass specializes in ERP software implementation and process improvement solutions for manufacturers and distributors in an array of industries, including:

  • Aerospace and aviation
  • Automation and robotics
  • Automotive
  • Electrical
  • Energy
  • Fabricated metals and alloys
  • Food and beverage
  • Furniture and fixtures
  • HVAC wholesales
  • Law enforcement and military equipment (ITAR)
  • Life and Biosciences
  • Maritime/Marine vessels
  • Medical devices
  • Rubber & plastics
  • Vision systems and components

What is Encompass’ Methodology?

Encompass Solutions makes it a point to understand the challenges your business faces in corporate and operational growth. In many cases, Encompass identifies process improvement and efficiency opportunities that businesses themselves had never considered. Through careful discovery and understanding of a business’ ambitions, Encompass will recommend, implement, and even maintain the systems that enable your business’ goals for growth.

The Encompass approach focuses on partnership. We are not here to sell software and services. We are here to be a trusted partner business can turn to for expertise, support, and the tools that ensure their organization is headed in the right direction to achieve their stated vision and goals.

What Are Encompass’ Services?

Encompass’ specialized teams have been delivering ERP solutions, business consulting, managed services, and EDI software to business’ for more than 20 years. Our in-depth understanding of what manufacturers and distributors need to make their businesses run more efficiently has earned us a reputation as a trusted and capable partner among peers and clients. We provide on-site and remote services in:

  • ERP Software Implementation
  • Managed Services
  • EDI
  • MTR Software
  • Project Management
  • Custom Software development
  • Workforce Training

How Can Encompass Help Your Teams?


Encompass’ experienced financial consultants understand the needs of a business’ accounting department, front to back. By delivering the software and processes capable of cutting out the clutter and automating the monotonous, Encompass ensures your AP/AR accounting workflow is seamless, from start to finish.


Encompass provides the tools and strategies that outline corporate performance in a relevant way, providing visibility and putting data metrics into perspective for C-Suite and department managers to make more informed decisions, faster.

Production Shop Floor workers

Shop floor staff need simple solutions that produce efficiency throughout production processes. Encompass provides the tools and techniques that facilitate production and job scheduling, accurate time and materials tracking, smart alerts for inventory and priority, simple workflow customization, material usage, and more.

Field Services workers

Encompass doesn’t just empower field service workers to deliver exceptional customer service experiences. We provide staff in the field the ability to start and end jobs, update inventories, view and manage customer data, add notes to jobs, and track time and materials.

Engineering/Design workers

Product lifecycle management, engineering change management, product data management, and the relaying of designs to production staff can be a cumbersome task for businesses who don’t have the right tools at their disposal. Encompass can provide and support these critical components of your business while ensuring the processes involved leave no room for wasted effort or materials.

Sales Representatives

Encompass can empower your sales staff with the ability to produce accurate order estimates, streamline your quote-to-cash cycle, and fulfill orders with precision to deliver high customer satisfaction. Using industry-proven sales and marketing tools, Encompass can help your business drive significant growth and achieve target outcomes.

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