As the new year begins for National Tube Supply, they get to look forward to their first full year of their brand new Epicor 10 system. It’s been a long haul for them, and us, taking nearly three years to implement after switching halfway through the installation process from Epicor 9.

The ribbon was cut on the new system on November 27, 2016, and NTS was able to start shipping and invoicing on the second day. There was only minor clean up and a few hiccups related to the customization to their system, but after three years of creation, tuning, fine tuning, and even writing their own staff user manuals, NTS hit the ground running.

The decision to upgrade their preexisting Verticent system to Epicor was necessary to remain competitive. NTS has four different warehouses in North America (in both the US and Canada), and further refining their inventory planning and tracking was their number one priority.

Several of our standard modules are working very well for NTS, but the true power of an Epicor system lies in the custom features we build into the ERP. Encompass introduced barcoding to the job picking process, vastly reducing the man hours needed to assemble an order and generate the paperwork needed to track and ship it. Geographic data based on the customer’s location and the availability of product across the network of warehouses allowed us instantly create orders with not only multiple destinations but multiple sources of product. The process finishes with a single-click shipment, which also enables invoicing immediately.

In 2017, NTS expects that inventory turns will increase as planning moves forward hand-in-hand with automated control of processing, reducing the costs associated with inaccuracy, and expanding their market share through greatly increased efficiency.

Of course, Encompass will be there every step of the way, not only ready to help when IT problems crop up, but also to further refine their operations via BRP. Now that the system is up and running, we’re already planning NTS Phase II of improvements.

Three years of commitment and one world-class ERP system: Just another day at Encompass!

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